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Discover How Our Design Team Made Michelin’s Life Easier

The Client: Michelin

Michelin is one the largest tire manufacturers in the world. Currently with offices in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, its roots can be traced back to Clermont- Ferrand, France.  While sharing French root origins with Vitabri, Michelin has trusted us on multiple projects for the European Market.   With an established relationship across seas, Michelin contacted our US offices to work on their current projects for the American region.

The Challenge: Color Matching With No Exact PMS Colors Provided

One of the greatest issues that many companies face when getting promotional items printed with their logos or color schemes is the failure to get their colors matched exactly as they should be.  Michelin required a consistent PMS Reflex Blue and a CMYK blue which is found in their logo to be correctly matched on their custom tents. In scenarios such as these, we typically require vector files with the actual PMS colors for perfect color matching however, Michelin only had low-resolution images without their actual PMS colors.

Solution Provided: Exact PMS Found, Test Runs, Mock-Ups

At Ins’TenT, we have an award winning designer with multiple years of experience. This was definitely nothing too complicated for her, and a task she couldn’t resolve. She began by recreating the images they had provided and found the exact PMS colors to match the Michelin colors. She completed multiple mockups and test runs and sent every mock-up to Michelin for their approval. Once they were completely happy with one of the renderings and they sent their approvals, we sent their tents into production.

The Result: Exact Matching On The 41 Tents

All forty-one tents were successfully matched with the CMYK blue and the required PMS blue. Production was completed within their 10-day requirement and the expected delivery was met on time.

“The quality was great and it looked great all put together.” Becca Alford – Account Executive with TPM



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