How to Create Email Marketing that Actually Converts

Every day we come across countless e-mails that end up in our trash or junk mail mostly because they’ve failed to get our attention or even because their subject lines are just plain weird or annoying. To help give you some inspiration in creating some cool email marketing campaigns, here are some recommendations from Carly Stec’s “16 Examples of Awesome Email Marketing Campaigns.” We have picked the top 5 that have given the Ins’TenT team the most motivation.

1) Tory Burch

This email is great because it not only promotes exclusivity, but also gives recipients a sense of importance for getting invited to a private sale. They get access to better deals and they are first to pick all sale items. Now, who doesn’t like to get first pick when it comes to sales?

tory burch

2) Pay Pal

We like this email because their copy is clean and completely retable. Their taglines are actually clever and just well put together. It’s clear and they manage to create an immediate interest in their service that we all can actually use.

pay pal

3) Loft

What we liked best about this email was their focus on personalization. They want to get to know their customers and delivering a personalized experience is their key focus. This email is targeted to learn more about their recipients likes and dislikes so they can stop sending emails which eventually just end up in the trash. Wouldn’t you like to get deals that are more personalized on what you like? I think we can all agree that we would!


4) Jet Blue

This brand always has a funny way of delivering emails that will re-engage their customers to come back. We all like those funny, witty subject lines that can take us away from our busy work days even if it’s just for a few minutes. This email does just that! Everything from the header to their CTAs is cleverly done.

jet blue

5) Harpoon Brewery

Don’t we all like getting a birthday card on our special day, and if it comes with a deal or a special gift then it’s even better right? Well, we actually liked this email because it is personalized and it has a human touch about it that is not robotically animated. It has a photo of their team and it tells customers you know them and are thinking about them on their special day. Why not send something like this to your customers and let them know that you value them!

harpoon brewery


We hope these tips will inspire you to create a great email marketing campaigns. At Ins’TenT we recommend clever content that is clean and keeps your contacts engaged. And, don’t forget about your email subject line! This is perhaps the most important factor for it determines whether they will open your email or not. Always make sure it is top- notch and cleverly appealing to your contacts.

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