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How to maintain Branding Consistency at Events

Employees are often the biggest threat a brand has. Most brands have guidelines specifically to keep their own employees from undermining what it stands for. Those guidelines are not meant to be stringent, they are meant to protect the customer. When employees don’t consider the brand, it’s the customers that receive the confusing experience. It’s important that everyone, including event planners, help ensure brand consistency across all areas of your business, all the way from your website to tiny details like the brochures you provide to attendees at a business event. Here is a guide to make sure your branding is on message every time.

Brand Representation is Key

Just like I’m sure you judge brands, your customers and leads will judge your brand’s appeal. That means your company’s colors, logos and tag lines need a consistent look and message. If you can accomplish this, it can go a very long way toward building your brand recognition and professional image. That means stepping back and examining at the overall look of your brand from all areas of your business, including retail locations, your website, company signs, your employees’ uniforms and your event gear likes custom tents.

It’s All In The Details

Don’t act above the brand. Those designs were likely carefully thought out by professional designers to be attractive. Leave the designing up to them, so you don’t subject attendees to something that isn’t pleasing. It’s up to you to ensure that every detail of your event presentation is carefully planned and orchestrated.

That means ensuring your tents, signs, brochures and especially your swag all feature a consistent branding approach featuring the same colors, logo design and slogan. When shopping for a tent, make sure your personal branding approach is able to shine though. This will help attendees not only appreciate your brand more, but will also make it easier for them to find your tent in the first place.

At the last event I attended, I actually approached a company’s booth simply because it had great branding. I had no idea if they were a start-up or an established business, but because their logo was amazing and their booth was very professionally designed I was drawn to it.

Keep Your Sales Team Aligned With Your Brand

Your sales team is often the face of your company at events. They interact with attendees and help embody what your brand is supposed to represent. As a result, you also want to ensure your employees at events are wearing more than just your company’s colors and logos. You want to make sure they’re trained to express the core values of your brand. That means making talking points, do’s and don’ts for all employees and ensuring they keep your company’s message positive.

Keep Your Social Media On Point

Social media is also key to your brand, and increasingly plays a large role during events as well. Attendees connect to different vendors at an event through their smart phones, and they’re looking for businesses that showcase strength and a strong message.

For standard social media campaigns, companies often want to be fun and sometimes even edgy with their audience, which can lead to posts or content that is inconsistent with a brand’s overall message. However, companies can help reduce this risk by thoroughly reviewing social media messaging through a strict approval process.

With events, there often isn’t time for this kind of screening. Messages are usually sent in real-time to quickly draw in attendees, leading to branding and other image problems. To counteract this tendency, it’s a smart idea for you to build a basic social media strategy before an event to ensure your company stays on message. Make sure there are red lines you don’t cross, a consistency to your messages and enough flexibility built in for a bit of creative potential as well.

As you can see, there are a lot of aspects to brand consistency that can be achieved if you pursue the right strategy. Think about using the above tips to make sure your business succeeds and makes a real impression on attendees at every event.


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