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How to Make Your Next Trade Show a Success

A trade show is a competitive environment. Hundreds of companies are in one large room trying to attract the interest of the same visitors. As an exhibitor, it’s important to stand out. At the same time, the main message of your display has to be right for your brand.

Before your next trade show event, embrace the opportunity offered by custom printed signage to maximize your success. Think of how you can create the perfect booth that brings the right audience in your direction. Usually, it comes down to color, design, and effective use of space.

Booth Design

Many booths look similar at industry events. This may work for you — but thinking outside of the box can give you an advantage. A dynamic, uniquely shaped display that sends a key message about your brand can make visitors stop and take notice. That might include a “bar” set up that invites visitors to take a seat and have a beverage, for example.

You can also have comfy, inflatable furniture for new contacts to sit and discuss your business. You can use stunning backdrops with your distinct branding. Your trade show marketing extends to every inch of your display.

Harmony in Color

To create the best effect, try for a seamless transition between your backdrop, tables and standing signage. Use imagery and color schemes that are eye-catching and appealing. Your signs should reflect your brand colors, so people new to your company will notice and remember you. “Pop” colors that complement your branding help maximize the effect of your display.

Ideally, your brand colors are set before the trade show. However, if you are still working out your trade show marketing, have a look at some top brands and how they have used color. No one can mistake the bold red of the Coca-Cola logo, or Home Depot’s striking orange. Research color theory to choose the right shades to convey your brand message. Blue means security, brown is earthy, yellow is happiness, and so on.

Use of Space

As much as the look and feel of your display is essential, you also want it to be accessible. One main goal of attending a trade show is making contacts. You want people to feel like it’s easy to come over and chat. That’s also where the swag comes in: offer giveaways that entice visitors to approach and learn more about you.

Keep accessibility in mind when choosing the right trade show counter or table. There should be room for your team to chat with visitors and for you to put your best-branded items on display. If you can, try out the booth with your team before the show by setting it up in your office. Get a feel for whether the space is efficient and manageable in a busy, crowded show scenario.

You can also optimize your set up by selecting the best booth products. The outdoor display welcomes walk-by traffic and maximizes space under the tent. The indoor set-up can be colorful and distinctive, so attendees stop and investigate.

The “Cool” Factor

There’s a good chance other trade show exhibitors will sell similar products or have similar value propositions to your own. That’s why the “cool” factor is important. It grabs attention and stays in the mind of attendees. “Cool” might be a stunning graphic, unique swag, eye-catching product prototypes, or notable guest speakers. This sets you apart. Later on, those industry contacts that you need will remember you when you follow up after the show.

Of course, “cool,” means different things to different brands. Think of what’s a unique or interesting way to get your message across. Your branded giveaways may have an uncommon purpose, or the images on your custom signage may pop better than anyone else in the room.

For the best trade show set up, to see the latest selection of display products. Learn more about our custom signage options today.


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