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How to Prepare For an International Trade Show

Taking your business to another country for an international trade show is a big step, making for bigger opportunities and bigger risks. If you’ve had your fair share of trade shows, you may know the ups and downs that come along with executing a successful event from planning all the details to designing the best trade show booth possible.

Whatever country you take your business to, something to always keep in mind is the undeniable cultural differences. These follow through in all aspects ranging from financial to communicative. It is important to keep these in mind when building your event plan and marketing materials.

Sometimes hiring a translator is not only good during the event, but during the planning of it as well. There will always be obstacles of cultural differences you wouldn’t expect. These can be phrases that don’t translate well, colors that maybe aren’t welcomed or have an alternate meaning or greeting etiquette that you aren’t accustomed to. Either way, if you don’t have someone on your team with the proper knowledge, don’t make the mistake of relying on Google Translate alone. Hire a translator or culture expert, and when your marketing aesthetic and materials are gladly taken in in the country you’re showcasing in, you’ll be glad you did.

Another factor to keep in mind is money, money, money. If you’re part of a business, you know the greens are a part of everything. Now, it’s time you factor in the difference in currency into every aspect of your plan. When building your budget, you have to make room for differences in tax and currency exchanges. When planning your services, you should build an avenue for leads and consumers to follow through with payment options that will work for both of you. However, you plan to execute your trade show, making sure you’ve factored in a change in currency and tax rates will make for less errors and a better outcome.

These things to keep in mind while important are not everything you need to know. It is always good to make a list and check it ‘till you’re reciting it in your sleep. Our tips might have overwhelmed you, but we’ve broken down tasks in this checklist to keep you on track to a perfect international trade show event.

Download and print this International Trade Show Checklist to have a descriptive breakdown of everything you need to keep in mind during the course of your event planning and execution.


International Trade Show Checklist