Custom Commercial Umbrellas

Hype Up Your Events with Umbrellas and Promotional Products

Fall is a great time to promote your business at trade shows and outdoor vendor events with unique promotional products like custom umbrellas and printed tents. Such events have the benefit of allowing you to interact with people who might never order your product or come into contact with your company. They also help you solidify your brand and get your name out to a wider segment of the market. You’ll also have a chance to talk with your customers and get feedback on your products, something that’s more difficult from behind a corporate desk.

As fun and beneficial as these events can be, it is sometimes easy to get lost among your competition. Using promotional products is one way to help make your booth or table stand out and encourage trade show attendees to stop by and talk with you. Below are just a few items to help liven up your booth and your sales this season.

Event Marketing Umbrellas

Big, customized, commercial umbrellas can serve a variety of functions at an outdoor vendor event or trade show. They can make your booth visible from afar and draw people to your area. They can help you solidify your brand by exposing attendees to your logo and slogan. And, on a more practical side, they can keep you and your colleagues protected from the sun’s UV rays and make it more comfortable while you are working outdoors. They also make your booth looks more polished and professional and are sturdy enough to be able to leave them in place during multi-day events.

Custom umbrellas are easily customizable and come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your brand. You customize them to best reflect your brand and your marketing message.

Product Giveaways

Giveaways are another way of enticing people to visit your booth where you’ll have the opportunity to tell them about your products and services. Promotional beach balls, artificial Hawaiian leis, water bottles and sunscreen fit with the summer fun them and can be customized to include your brand, logo and contact information, so it will be easy for your new contacts to know where to reach you once they’ve returned home after the show.

Interactive Booth Games

Who doesn’t like games and the possibility of winning something for free? Game wheels make visiting your booth fun and are particularly effective if you are promoting a product or service that’s not a cash and carry item, such as insurance or home improvement products. A game wheel allows your booth visitors to interact with you even those they aren’t likely to take a product home with them that same day. Items on the wheel can include a product discount, a free service like a home energy inspection or an insurance review or a promotional item like the ones mentioned above. You can tie this in with the product giveaways and reward those who get the “right” combination in the game.