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How to Impress Your Boss at Your Next Event

Your boss stopped by to inform you that you’re handling the next trade-show. You’ve been after a promotion for a while, and this time it’s your chance to shine. Get ready to impress your boss at your next event by making a booth that truly stands out from the crowd and scores you that raise!

Custom Inflatable Furniture

You dread the thought of wrangling enough staff to handle the loading and unloading of furniture to your trade-show booth. Custom inflatable furniture, such as the AirLounge, gives you the same look you’re going for with standard furniture with far more advantages in a trade-show environment. You eliminate the need for loading staff as inflatable furniture is lightweight and easy to carry. Your set-up process is simple, and reconfiguring the furniture only requires you, not three other employees. Brand your custom inflatable furniture to help your booth stand out with your company colors, your logo or messaging.

Inflatable Tents

Tents help your booth look great, but you often need assistance setting them up. You have to budget your time wisely at a trade show, and every second counts. Instead of setting up tent poles, bring in an inflatable tent like the Air Dome. Forget struggling with poles for a couple of hours and needing a team to set everything up. You spend a small amount of time inflating the tent, and you’re good for the rest of the trade show. What’s convenient is that these come in 10’x10’, 13’x13’ and even 17’x17’ so it covers any booth size. Like the inflatable furniture, the inflatable tent has a small footprint in your bags so that it’s easy to transport, set up and tear down.


Ever play with LEGO blocks? Everblocks are the same concept but on a much larger scale. These modular building blocks let you create your own booth, furniture, displays and other essential trade-show installations. The blocks may look like oversized LEGO pieces, but they’re strong enough to support your equipment, act as shelving or perform other vital booth functions. Brand your booth by attaching vinyl graphics to the display once you create the perfect exhibit. Your imagination is the limit on setting up an Everblock booth, so you can really show off your strengths to your boss and create a unique booth.

Photo Booths

Encourage attendee engagement at your booth by incorporating a photo booth. This booth snaps quick digital photos with your company branding, and you can use social media to get that extra attention my using a hashtag that everyone can use when sharing their photos. You can offer to print out photos for your guests, or you can email and share digital copies with them too. In today’s selfie-centric culture, photo booths catch plenty of attention, and your branded photos end up spreading around social networks.

Modular Displays

Want striking displays and furniture available in a modular, easy-to-transport form? Modular displays by Modern Event Furniture provide high-end, trade-show collections with eye-catching features, such as light-up effects and mirrored inserts. These steel-framed displays create a cool ambiance. Plus, you can use them as a bar or lounge spot to attract attendees. The modern design style works well if you’re company prides itself on being cutting edge, and the functionality makes it easy to transport to the exhibition hall.


Your exhibitions need to impress your boss and the attendees. Whether you want inflatable tents, custom inflatable furniture or a build-your-own Everblock adventure, these booth options stand out in the crowd and position you as a knowledgeable and impressive exhibit designer.

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