Rental Companies and Commercial Grade Holiday Inflatables

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When you plan a large event or host a booth at a large event, such as a trade show, festival or sporting event, it’s important to leave a lasting impression. Commercial inflatables, such as Christmas inflatables and other custom inflatables, can help your organization draw in new customers and impress attendees so that they will spread the word about your event and associated brands. Such inflatables can also help spread the holiday spirit and bring joy to the community.

Christmas Inflatables

Commercial-grade inflatables can spread holiday cheer during Christmastime. The classic inflatable Santa is always sure to impress and serve as a source of inspiration for children and adults alike. Other options, such as an inflatable Christmas tree, inflatable Grinch, and inflatable reindeer, can bring Christmas cheer to events and help transform a structure, such as a home or event building, into a festive and magical Christmas village.

Winter Wonderland Inflatables

For events that aim to be more neutral when celebrating the winter holiday spirit, options can include an inflatable snowman, an inflatable penguin, or an inflatable gingerbread man. High-quality commercial-grade inflatables can transform a space or event into a winter wonderland that will leave attendees awestruck and eager to return next year.

Halloween Inflatables

Halloween is widely celebrated in the United States because it promotes sweets, surprises, and fun. Unleash your creativity during event planning by considering options such as an inflatable jack-o-lantern, Dracula, or graveyard that can come in different sizes, depending on your needs. Consider inflatables with internal lighting, which can add an eerie or exciting effect.

Size Options

By renting your commercial-grade holiday decorations, you have the option to rent multiple structures or replicas in different sizes. You can mix and match with different sizes or go grandiose with the largest installments, depending on the size of the space you are working with.

Small Yard Inflatables

Small yard inflatables are usually under 6 feet tall and can be used in smaller yards or event spaces. Additionally, they can be used as compliments to larger structures or arranged with multiple other small structures to customize your transformed space. Smaller inflatables can be simpler to set up and take down.

Medium Yard Inflatables

Medium-sized inflatables are usually anywhere from 6 to 10 feet tall. While still being relatively easy to set up, they are also quite visible. Any event space or yard that is not on the smaller end can benefit from the brightness and cheer of medium-sized inflatables.

Large Yard Inflatables

If you want to create a magnificent effect in your large yard or event space, then you can rent large inflatables of over 10 feet that will tower over your guests and leave them awestruck. While large yard inflatables may be difficult to set up and take down, and will also require more power to maintain their structure, the effect that they can have on your space is priceless. Plus, rental companies usually have staff that will come and set up and take them down for you so that you can focus on other event-planning or decorating logistics.

Impress Your Community This Holiday Season

Everyone loves an excuse to celebrate. Whether an event is geared toward the holiday season, Halloween, a birthday, or a wedding, people are quick to enjoy festivity and cheer. You can host the perfect event or bring your existing space to life by renting commercial-grade inflatables. You can get several in different shapes and sizes and then place them in your space for an impressive display. Instent can help you create a special event that attendees will thank you for. For more information, reach out to a team member today.