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Halloween inflatables and Christmas inflatables have become an integral part of the holiday season. Whether you want one bold statement piece or an intricate display, inflatable products are a unique way to make your holiday season special. An inflatable Santa, an inflatable reindeer, and an inflatable Grinch are all just some of the ways you can enhance your decor and amaze passersby. When you’re decorating for the holidays, don’t ignore the potential that an inflatable has to liven up your Christmas display or event.

The Benefits of Using Inflatables at Christmastime

Every kind of inflatable serves a different purpose, which means that each one can help elevate your Christmas display in a different way. These fun decorative items are easier to set up than most decorations, making them ideal for those who do not have time to decorate extensively. However, they also make good centerpieces in displays with other types of decor. Just a few advantages of using inflatables as part of your holiday decor include:

Inflatable Structures Are Large and Astounding

One of the most amazing aspects of inflatables is that they can be as large as you have space to keep them. When you are decorating for Christmas, people of all ages will be awed as soon as they see a large inflatable being put up. For a yard display, an inflatable gingerbread man, an inflatable snowman, and/or a penguin can enhance everyone’s holiday cheer. For businesses, commercial inflatables featuring Christmas designs are great ways to grab attention and get your company ready to celebrate the season.

Inflatables Can Be Rented

Christmas only comes around once a year. Because of this, most people don’t want to purchase equipment and inflatables if they’re only going to be used once. Luckily, there are a great deal of inflatables that can be rented and delivered to your door. This means that you don’t have to deal with the hectic setup or clean up of your rental nor do you have to find somewhere to store it. Simply choose the product you want, rent it for as long as you need, and wait to have an amazing event.

Your Rental Business Can Offer Assistance

With inflatable rentals, most businesses don’t expect their customers to know how to set everything up themselves. Instead, they often send in team members to assist with both the setup and take-down processes. This way, they can ensure that everything goes smoothly and the products are taken care of the way they prefer. If you are renting an inflatable for a Christmas event, staff members may stay during your event to guide the people who use it. For example, if a mall sets up a Christmas event with a bounce house, staff members will most likely stay to give directions to the kids using it. 

Inflatable Products Are Extremely Customizable

Inflatable products are incredibly customizable, allowing owners to add whatever logos, words, or photos they want. If you believe that you’ll get good use out of your inflatable Christmas product, you should consider customizing and purchasing your own commercial inflatables. This way, you can avoid having to rent different products multiple times. You can also have a say in what your inflatable looks like and get one that best works for your business.

Christmas Inflatables

Fun designs for an inflatables Christmas include:

  • Inflatable Santa
  • Inflatable Christmas tree
  • Inflatable Grinch
  • Inflatable reindeer

Inflatables that can work for both the Christmas season and as general winter decor include:

  • Inflatable snowman
  • Penguin
  • Inflatable gingerbread man

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