Inflatable Slides

Interactive inflatables make a beneficial addition to any event. Whether you are looking to create a memorable birthday party for your little one or your organization wants to host an event for the entire community, inflatables are an option that many people choose. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of the event. Whether you are looking for retail or commercial grade, one of the most popular options for any party, fundraiser, or festival is inflatable slides.

When to Choose Inflatable Slides

When planning an event, you have to consider who your target audience is. What you offer at your event will largely depend on the people you are trying to cater to. For any large event, especially in family-oriented neighborhoods, options for the whole family are crucial. There are different options and types of slides, but commercial-grade inflatable slides are a great option because they can be enjoyed by everyone. When buying or renting inflatables for your company, party, or organization, consider all your options, as there is significant diversity in products and prices.

Types of Inflatable Slides

When it comes to inflatable slides, there are numerous types to choose from. There are single or dual-side options, as well as water and non-water options. If you plan on hosting a large gathering, the dual-side blow-up slides keep the fun going, minimizing the amount of wait time. These slides can also come in a variety of designs and themes, ensuring they fit in with the overall vibe of your event. Inflatable slide options can include sharks, octopi, pirate ships, naval ships, jungle animals, nature themes, trucks, and wacky designs.

When it comes to durability and size, there are two main types of inflatables: retail and commercial.

Retail Inflatable Slides

Retail inflatable slides are most popular with consumers looking to buy versus rent their inflatables. These tend to be the most affordable and can be found through a wide variety of retailers. While these slides can be purchased relatively cheaply, that is largely due to the quality of material used in their construction. Most retail inflatable slides use nylon or polyester, which are both designed to be strong and resistant to abrasion. However, they do not compare to commercial-grade materials that provide better strength, tear resistance, and longevity. Retail blow-up slides are ideal for toddlers and young children and would best be used for occasional events. Due to the poorer quality of materials, rips, tears, and damage can happen more easily and may not be patchable. These slides tend to be smaller, so they should not be used by adults or even older children. The price range of these slides can vary, but most options are within the $800-$1,300 range.

Commercial Inflatable Slides

For anyone planning on hosting a larger event, a commercial inflatable slide can be a better option. There is a significant jump in size, style, and quality when comparing retail to commercial slide options. Commercial inflatables are designed to provide a high-quality experience designed to last. These slides utilize multiple layers of heavy-duty vinyl to withstand significant usage. When considering renting your inflatables, you are likely better off selecting the commercial-grade options. You’ll have peace of mind that your slides are large enough to accommodate a big crowd and durable enough for hours of fun without any risk of damage or injury.

While usually tailored for young children, even adults can enjoy most commercial inflatables. When it comes to price, a commercial slide could cost anywhere from $1,000 to $80,000 or more for slides that come with all the bells and whistles. However, by renting, you can save money, plus you don’t have to worry about storage, setup, or breakdown when working with a service company.

For an inflatable slide at your next gathering, most slides offer a wet or dry option. This flexibility is useful for outdoor summer parties where getting wet is encouraged or indoor events where it is best to stay dry.

Adding Inflatable Slides to Your Next Event

If you are a business or organization looking to provide a fun-filled time for your clients or community, interactive inflatables are extremely useful. Inflatable slides continue to be one of the most popular options for events of all sizes, and they pair well with bounce houses and inflatable games. If you plan on holding a large event or multiple events yearly, commercial slides are the best options for durability and longevity. For other inflatables, including tents and counters, browse Instent’s selection of products.