Inflatable animals

Inflatable Animals

Inflatable animals are a form of custom inflatables and inflatable replicas that are widely popular. They can be used as marketing or as a fun photo-op centerpiece for a gathering or party.

Types of Inflatable Animals

Inflatable animals can take the form of a mascot, magical creature, holiday-appropriate decoration, or any fun and educational animal. These inflatables are easy to set up and transport between locations, and they can be custom-made to create any real or imaginary creature. They may be realistic replicas or a fun cartoon style.

Uses for Inflatable Animals

A custom inflatable could be any animal, from a real creature to a mythical or fantastical animal to extinct creatures. A custom inflatable printing company that can design, print, and create a unique structure could also create a complex animal inflatable to sit at an event or location. There are many uses for inflatable custom animals, from decoration to advertisement to a durable and lightweight prop.

  • Rental Inflatable Animals

Renting these creatures is useful if you have a one-day party or a short-term event. An inflatable can be set up quickly and conveniently, and they can be transported easily. Depending on the company you work with, the animal could be transported and erected for you, saving you a lot of time and ensuring that you can focus on the event at hand.

  • Advertising Through Inflatable Animals

Many inflatable animal replicas are mascots or characters for a brand. Many times, the animals are directly related to the company or organization, ensuring that event-goers connect the fun attraction to the group that put it there. Other times, it can be fun to simply have a custom inflatable animal outside a venue or business.

  • Party Decoration Inflatables

A community event, birthday party, festival, or other celebration could benefit from an inflatable animal.

  • School Spirit Mascot Inflatables

A school mascot can make a great inflatable to pump up team morale and school spirit.

  • Educational Inflatables

Inflatable animals can be useful teaching devices in museums, schools, or other educational programs, showing off the realistic size of certain living, endangered, and extinct animals.

  • Holiday Animal Inflatables

A seasonally appropriate animal inflatable can make a great addition to a holiday set-up or be the start of the season’s look. Christmas and winter holidays may bring yetis and reindeer, while Halloween is ideal for spooky creatures like black cats, dragons, bats, and spiders. Turkeys, eagles, and many other animals, real or mythical, can make for fantastic decorative additions to any home or business.

  • Animal Props and Stage Design

A stage show or production in need of props or decorations could use custom inflatable animals. This includes concerts, dance productions, tours, festivals, musicals, and plays. These inflatables pack and travel well while being simple to set up.

  • Art Exhibit Inflatables

Custom inflatable animals can be art sculptures that show an artistic vision in a unique medium.

  • Photo-Op Animal Inflatables

Setting up an inflatable animal at a certain location near a business or festival can create a wonderful location for photo opportunities for those passing by. This can bring traffic to specific locations and get people’s attention.

At Instent, we can help create a custom inflatable replica for your event or gathering.