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Tips for Ordering Custom Inflatable Replicas

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If you’re looking into a custom inflatable replica, it can be useful to know what to consider when ordering, designing, and selecting the size, shape, and type of inflatable.

What Should I Consider When Selecting a Custom Inflatable Replica?

When you order a custom inflatable, there are many things to keep in mind, such as where the structure will be located, what you’re using it for, how long you plan to use it, and other factors. Some of these parameters are useful to know before ordering, while others are useful clarifications to examine with the custom inflatable company. That way, the inflatable caters to your unique needs more effectively. Some questions to consider include:

What Is It Being Used For?

Not all inflatables require the same things. The material of the inflatable and its size depend on whether it is an indoor or outdoor inflatable and how much use you would like from it. Using it once a year for an event may not require as expensive and durable materials as an inflatable that is being used daily outside your business. If it is a decoration that you are planning to use all day, every day, you may want to look into a continuous inflatable rather than a sealed-air inflatable. However, for venues that are outside without a power source, a sealed-air inflatable is a better choice.

Additionally, the use of your inflatable can result in very different designs. If you are trying to promote your business, you likely want to get a custom replica of your main product or service or a print of your logo. Depending on your type of business, there may be other ways to advertise. Custom inflatables can also be used for fundraisers, parties, and other venues. The inflatables design may vary based on your promotional needs. That way, you can get one that most effectively catches the attention of others.

Where Will the Inflatable Be Located?

There are several things to consider about the primary location or locations of the inflatable. This includes:

  • Whether there is a power source
  • If noise level is something to limit
  • Whether it is indoors or outdoors
  • The weather conditions you expect from an outdoor venue
  • The limitations of space in an indoor venue

This may alter the design, materials, and dimensions of the inflatable you request.

What Dimensions Do You Need?

If you know where you want to display a custom replica, measure it, and leave enough room for the inflatable to comfortably occupy. This is especially important in an indoor location, but it’s also necessary for outdoor venues. Festivals and fairs often have lot-size limitations, and you want to be sure this lot fits all the necessary things for your business or group in addition to an inflatable. Also, be aware that inflatables should not be under overhanging objects, such as power lines or tree branches. Measure the height, width, and depth that is available for an inflatable before ordering.

How Complex Is the Custom Design?

Some inflatable materials are more equipped to handle complex designs than others. The more durable materials are thicker and heavier and, therefore, cannot show intricate details. Additionally, a more complex design will take longer for a company to print and make. If you need the inflatable within a shorter time frame, the custom design may need to be simplified. However, because this is a big investment, you likely want to get the most from your custom design by making it to the best standards possible. The company you work with can help you understand likely timelines to create and manufacture your custom inflatable.

How Much Supervision Is Needed?

Although custom decorative inflatables don’t need as much constant or careful supervision as a bounce house, they should still be monitored. This can prevent unsafe behavior around the inflatable, like climbing, and ensure that someone is able to deflate the structure if bad weather rolls in. A supervisor can also ensure that the structure remains secured. Determine if your location will require supervision and how much.

What Should I Expect From Working With a Custom Inflatable Replica Company?

You want your custom inflatable to meet your specifications and fit the vision you have for it. Planning ahead before ordering is useful, but you should also request design consultations to ensure that the design is to your liking. A 3D mock-up later in the process is important for understanding the final design and making any further tweaks.