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Reasons to Choose Custom Inflatable Replicas

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One of the most common uses of customizable inflatables is to market and represent a brand, product, or company. Custom inflatables can also be used for extra-special occasions and events.

Why Should I Choose a Custom Inflatable Replica?

An inflatable outside or in the middle of your business, booth, party, or venue makes a big statement, and the use of customization can make that statement all yours.

Whether you are promoting a product, building your brand, or simply adding some flair to a gathering, a custom inflatable replica decoration can do a lot. Depending on the needs of your business, there are several benefits to custom inflatables, including:


Custom inflatables, once obtained, are easy to use indoors or outdoors, are simple to transport, can be set up wherever you need, and can be reused as a marketing technique whenever you need. Even before you have the inflatable, the process is versatile and has endless possibilities. Because the inflatable is customizable, you can discuss parameters and needs for an inflatable, such as whether you want a sealed-air inflatable or a continuous inflatable. You can determine the right size and scope of the structure and then get a well-designed custom inflatable.

Custom Designs

Inflatable rentals used to have specific predetermined styles, and you could select one that fits close enough to your business or event’s theme. You no longer have to compromise. By working with a company that prints custom inflatables and designs, you have nearly limitless possibilities for your inflatable.

You can make the perfect decoration to effectively market your company or product, or it can simply match the fun event being held. You can work closely with the designers to ensure that the inflatable meets your wishes so you can have the ideal focal point for a marketing campaign, fundraiser, or party.

Marketing and Promotion

A replica inflatable of your brand’s logo, primary product, or related item is a fantastic marketing investment. You can buy the inflatable and reuse it whenever you want to catch attention at a trade show, concert, festival, or simply outside the business. A custom inflatable can increase your brand’s recognition in the area. By marking your business or booth with the inflatable, you are using the bright colors, movement, and size of the inflatable to bring significantly more attention to your business and increase traffic. While any inflatable would bring attention, a customizable replica provides a unique photo-op and lets those passing by know more information about your brand.


Most commercial inflatables are different from consumer inflatables, as they are made from higher-quality, more durable materials, such as commercial PVC (polyvinyl-chloride) tarpaulin and PVC commercial vinyl. These inflatables last longer than consumer inflatables, enabling you to use them more and get more out of their lifespan. Commercial customizable inflatables are also more adept at being weather resistant and will be less damaged over time by sun, wind, and rain.

Although the material of the inflatable will be more capable of resisting bad weather, it’s important to always fully secure the inflatable to the ground or something stable. This is both for the safety of those near the inflatable and to protect your investment.


While some marketing items are hard to lug around, inflatables are much easier to bring to different locations. This enables you to make your company stand out in many different locations, like fairs, concerts, festivals, and other events. Additionally, a custom inflatable doesn’t take as much storage room as fixed or solid decorations. You can carefully move and store a custom inflatable more effectively.

What Can a Custom Inflatable Be?

A custom inflatable can be many things, including:

  • Mascots
  • Characters
  • Products
  • Food and drinks
  • Logos
  • Symbols

At Instent, we have exceptional and durable custom inflatable replicas to help you advertise and celebrate what matters to you.