Inflatable Big Blue House from Instent Habitat for Humanity Pensacola

Instent Custom Inflatable House Increases Awareness for Habitat for Humanity in Pensacola

Instent Industries supplied a 20-foot-tall custom inflatable “Big Blue House” and inflatable hard hats to The Marketing Bar in Pensacola Florida. Marketing Bar provided branding and marketing products in addition to the custom inflatables supplied by Instent Industries to the Habitat for Humanity Pensacola, Florida branch for their recent annual fundraising food truck event.

An article from ASI, a marketing and advertising agency for promotional businesses, says, “that people loved their annual food truck festival, but nobody realized it was a fundraiser for the house-building non-profit”. The 20-foot-tall custom inflatable was an eye-catching branded house-shaped entranceway that helped the Pensacola branch of home-building nonprofit Habitat for Humanity increase donations by 18% at its annual food truck festival in 2022.

ASI shared this case study on their website of how Instent and The Marketing Bar have helped Habitat for Humanity in Pensacola with PR and highly impactful branding with this custom inflatable “Big Blue House” for their recent annual fundraiser food truck festival and other events.

The ASI article shares the ease with which Instent can work from, “an idea to a 3D rendering” for a customized branded inflatable. Michelle Sarra founder and CEO of The Marketing Bar also said, “the piece can last around 10 years if stored properly” and added, “In the end, Habitat for Humanity was thrilled. The amount of PR they got for it, they couldn’t have paid for”.

Click HERE to watch the video for Habitat from Humanity Pensacola’s Instagram account for a time-lapse video of an inflatable house being blown up

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