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Why Offering Renderings for Custom Tents & Displays is a Must to Close More Sales

How do you really secure new customers? You’ve got to convince them that your product is simply the best. Give your proposal life by providing renderings that show clients how your product will look with their unique logos. Finding a supplier willing to deliver custom tents and displays renderings for your clients is a smart business move for several key reasons:

Importance of the Visual

Providing a visual example of your product, complete with your client’s logo, is a strong sales pitch. Did you know that visual presentations can make the difference between landing a customer and losing one? Ultimately, a rendering takes the guesswork out of your proposal and show your prospect client exactly what they’ll get. When your customer sees the mock-up and feels pleased with it, he or she will be confident that working with you is worthwhile. By dealing with a supplier who can develop custom tents and trade-show displays, you’ll close more deals because potential clients love a visual rendering.

Illustration of Your Commitment

Some of your competitors simply won’t be willing to provide custom pop-up tents or display renderings. As a result, when you provide potential clients with a clear visual of their product, your organization illustrates its commitment to working with the client and closing the deal. Investing time, effort and cost into the development of these renderings show your dedication to the customer’s satisfaction. Moreover, these visuals legitimize your business, allowing it to stand out among the competition.

Support from the Supplier

With a trusted supplier of custom pop-up tents and display renderings in your network, you have another organization working in the best interest of your business. Much like you want to seal the deal with a new customer, the supplier benefits as well. This collaborative relationship allows the supplier to help you land clients. In turn, you’ll continue to work with the supplier, which will develop additional marketing materials for new prospects.

A Boost of Confidence

Imagine walking into your next meeting with a potential client with high-quality visual representations emblazoned with the brand. Backed by these impressive accessories, you walk into your next proposal with plenty of confidence. Finding a supplier who can develop these products efficiently and free of charge can transform your business. A trusted supplier allows you to show off your attention to detail and commitment to the client, which results in more sales without you spending another dime.


Customized renderings can transform your business, but you can’t make big changes without a trusted supplier. A talented supplier willing to offer these products for free is an irreplaceable partner in the always-competitive business marketplace.


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