Why The Products You Sell Define You As a Distributor

As a distributor of promotional materials, you are in a unique position yet vulnerable position. Buyers automatically draw conclusions about your business based on the quality of goods you sell; even though you have no control over what your suppliers do. The average buyer doesn’t see the difference between producer and distributor. All they know is that you provided the end item and weather it worked or not at their trade show or event.

Industry leaders in promotional distribution should make a commitment to only work with high-quality suppliers, even if it means losing some business on the low end. The financial benefits of long-term customer loyalty and positive referrals will more than make up for the loss of low-margin sales. For the buyer, it’s a matter of making their dollar stretch further by investing in tents, pop up tents and related promotional items that won’t fall apart after a couple of trade shows. They need products that stand up to the elements and frequent use on the road.

If you are on the fence over whether buyers care more about price or quality, read on. Here are the top five reasons to reassess your choice of suppliers and go for the gold.

First impressions are everything.

In an industry characterized by intense global competition and low barriers to entry, differentiation is your key success factor. You normally have one shot to stand out or be forgotten. Make sure you attract top customers with the highest quality promotional items. Anyone who has bought a low-quality pop up tent will never make that mistake again and they will automatically place your business in their AVOID list. On the other hand, clients that do their research and know what they want they won’t even bother contacting you if what you are offering is low quality. Displaying high quality promotional items sets your business in a class by itself from the very first moment that the customers encounter your brand.

Quality items build trust and loyalty.

It’s no surprise that trust and revenues are very closely related. Customers remain loyal buyers of brands they trust. They don’t have the time, the money or the energy to experiment on the unknown. Their main objective is finding the right distributor to work with from the very beginning and if they know that you will stand behind what you sell, they will continue to come back to you. Selecting quality item like the V3 canopy tents, built with AirCraft aluminum, demonstrate that you understand how important the coming event is for them and that they can put their faith in your brand.

Your reputation in the industry in on the line.

How do you want your customers to see you? Do you want to be that used car guy with the “deep discounts” or the cool gentlemen who offers elite, European furniture that ways looks amazing? Your goal may be somewhere in between, but the point is your reputation sets the tone for your sales presentations. Display creative, top-of-the-line items like the ruggedly durable and distinctive products to distinguish yourself as someone who looks out for the customer’s best interests. Many distributors offer event tents for sale, but buyers seek out a market leader with a great rep in the industry that continuously offers innovative quality products. Your customers want products that help their brand stand out at events so do just that and help them by offering distinctive products.

Higher quality items post more reliable profit margins.

Not all revenue is good, especially if the profits can’t help you to stay in business. Competing on just price alone is a downward spiral to 0 margins. The alternative is to establish a brand that stands for quality. High quality, durable products that not only bring you a higher profit margin, but also lower your exposure to costs as associated with returns and damages to the products. Help your customers succeed so they can return with bigger budgets for next year’s events. Quality goods deliver repeat customers who refer their business connections, which is the basis of soaring revenues, margins and profits.

Beginning with the End in Mind

What does your current product line say about you? Begin with the end in mind and make quality a cornerstone of your brand’s identity. Let your competitors learn the hard way that high customer churn and razor thin margins will eventually grind operations to a halt. Show customers that you care about their reputations by giving them the quality promotional items that they deserve.


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