Sales Presentation Tips That Will Help You Close Deals

Running a perfect lead generation and closing deals is the top priority for every business.  After all isn’t bringing in the money what we are all looking to accomplish? With so much competition in the market, learning how to differentiate your company from the competition is not an easy task.  To succeed you must rely on your creativity and most importantly on presenting the perfect sales presentation to effectively close deals.

Cassandra Johnson with Promotional Consultants has some great tips to share. Here are top 3 best tips that have worked for us at Ins’TenT:

  1. Make a sincere compliment about their latest accomplishment

    by letting them know you’re on top of the game such as “Your stock price is up three points while most of the market is down. Your strategy is on track.” This shows them that you’ve done your homework about their company and that you are genuinely interested in learning more about the company to help them succeed.

  2. Differentiate yourself from the competition 

    by being specific about solutions and show them how you will help them accomplish their goals by minimizing their risks and expanding in the market. Don’t just show what makes you better, prove to them why you’re the leader in the industry and be ready to provide examples.

  3. Provide examples of experiences and provide proof 

    by sharing case studies about your clients and how you’ve helped them reach their goals. Try to show how happy they are with your services by providing actual quotes from existing clients.

Lastly, we always recommend that you walk into the meeting with a great attitude and always remain confident during your presentation.  Many of our greatest sales have been accomplished because of the positive attitude of our sales team exudes.

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