sea otter 2016 - custom pop up tents

2016 Sea Otter Festival

Sea Otter is a premier cycling festival held annually in Monterey, Ca. Every year, hundreds of pro cyclists from all over the world come to Sea Otter race and join in the festivities with fans. It is also a great opportunity for bicycle companies and sportswear manufacturers to showcase all their new products for the bicycle industry.

As bike racing aficionados, Ins’Tent has been attending and exhibiting Sea Otter for the past 4 years, where we have been showcasing all our latest products to exhibitors. We have been the official custom pop up tents and promo items supplier for many bicycle brands attending the festival such as Trek, Shimano, Specialized, Ride 100%, Bianchi, iZip etc. (check out our projects here!). This year, our hot new product was the Air’lounge, a collection of custom inflatable furniture that creates a fun atmosphere for any booth presentation.

With the intention of creating some great memories from this year’s festival, we brought along our Drone to record some cool footage from this year’s event. The result is an exciting recap of some of the most visually exciting shots from every angle. If you didn’t get a chance to attend every race or checkout every booth, this is a video you cannot miss.

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