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Selling Promotional Items: The Benefits of Bundling Your Products

Customer experience is a continuous battleground where companies must always rely on their creativity to stay on top of their game. When it comes to quality, price, and selection and just about everything else, customers view every distributor as the same. Each one of them offering the same services as the other.

Transform yourself from just a regular distributor that offers event tents and promotional items for sale into a reliable resource that offers everything they need. Here are the five best reasons to bundle up and sell more items faster as a distributor.

Customers Prefer a One-Stop Solution

Even when customers know exactly what they’re looking for, buying can be stressful. Especially, when they have to visit multiple websites just to find the right product. There are too many factors they have to consider, so make it easy for them by doing the homework for them. Select the best products for your customer that will save them time and money. Also, try going the extra mile by tailoring a proposal that that fits their needs. You’ll see that you’ll be able to gain their trust and they will slowly start coming back to you as their indispensable resource.

It’s More Cost-Effective for the Customer

Bundling a ready-to-show package at a great price gives the customer the illusion that they are getting the most for their money. For example: Your customer has a $1000 budget for their trade show and comes to you for help. Instead of selling them, a tent for $1000, offer them a cost effective solution where they can get a custom canopy, a commercial tablecloth and a customized flag for a great price. This will show them that you cannot only work within their budget but that you can deliver great solutions. The customer will be thankful they found you and you both will end up winning.

Bundles Present a Vision of the Full Display

A complete bundle gives the customer a full vision of their final display – everything from canopy tent down to table cover. Presenting a mock up of everything you have selected for your bundle gives them a full vision of how their booth will look at their next show. When they see it put together, they can immediately see what other promotional items they need and you will be there to help them.

Shorten the Sales Cycle

Successful distributors boost profits by moving inventory faster. That means shortening the sales cycle for faster closes and less chances of losing the customer before checkout. From the customer’s point of view, picking through inventories takes so much time because they often don’t know all the items they will need for a show. Guide them to move inventory faster and seal the deal.

From the supply chain point of view, there is an advantage of moving the inventory faster; the distributor can take advantage of the significant power of negotiation available when it come to buying the merchandise from suppliers. Purchasing a higher quantity of products at the same time equals better deals on pricing in order to be able to offer a better price to its customers. It is a win-win situation for both sides of the spectrum.

Enjoy Higher Profit Margin and Sales Revenue

Price shopping will kill your business eventually, so you need to offer the customer something extra to justify more practical profit margins. Bundling is that something extra that gives the customer a better experience. Bundle low margin with high margin items. That way, you keep your operations funded, and the customer registers it as a good deal on a great experience.

At the same time, bundling boosts your sales revenue. Instead of selling one product at a time you sell multiple products at one time. And, even if you decrease your overall margin to offer a great deal, the bundling process may still increase your revenue over time.

Fortunately, bundling promotions items for an event is relatively simple. You know what customers will need to make a great impression. Bundling creates a better customer experience while it grows repeat business and referrals. Bundle up to watch your orders grow and customers tell all their business connections about the best one-stop shop.


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