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Have a Small Budget ? Tips to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck and Still Have a Nice Booth

You want a great booth for your next trade show or event, but you’re working with a small budget. Don’t give up hope and learn how to get the most bang for your buck with these tips on maximizing your event budget.

With a limited budget, focus on event essentials. Know the bare minimum that you can have while still looking good at a show. You don’t want to devalue your brand with a bad booth, so you need to make the most of what you have available. Here are the event essentials you need:

Indoor Shows: Trade Show Displays

You can get by with a backdrop and a promotional table cover for a basic booth. Use your products to compliment it and act as though you have a minimal booth to put the focus entirely on what you’re offering. Make sure to include your logos on your trade show attire including hats, shirts and other clothing options.

Your backdrop should take the place of a banner as framed banners can run up the cost of your booth. Use a printed backdrop wall or a step-and-repeat wall covered with your branding to catch attendees’ attention. You have the option of incorporating a banner later on when your exhibit booth budget increases since backdrop walls offer many repurposing opportunities.
To save money on your table cover, consider which parts attendees will actually see. No one is going around behind your table and complaining that your branding isn’t on the hidden cover side. Skip all-over printing and simply order a print on the front panel. You can incorporate your company’s branding by matching a solid-color table cover that will compliment your brand’s colors.

Outdoor Shows: Custom Pop Up Tent

You need to stand out from the crowd so a custom pop up tent is a must-have when you’re at an outdoors event. This tent option is the most cost-effective you have available, especially if you opt for custom printed valances instead of a complete custom top. You also avoid standing in the sun or rain without protection throughout the day. This is a great benefit of any tent. Get a small printed banner flag and zip-tie it to your tent’s leg to help improve the visibility of your tent. You might not have a lot for your exhibit, but you can make what you have work for you.

You have a few ways to save on custom pop up tents while still creating a strong showing for your brand. Most suppliers offer several pop-up frame lines. Instead of choosing the top-end option, stick with a lower commercial grade tent. Use a top option that doesn’t have a fully customized print. One way you can use limited custom printing to make an excellent impression is to use printed valances. This option gives you good exposure without spending the extra money on custom printing the full top since valances are the most visible area on your tent.


Your modest exhibit budget can go far when you know how to best allocate your funds. Now that you have tips to create an eye-catching booth without going outside of your exhibit-cost comfort zone, take your project to the next step and let us design your next booth!


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