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Soccer Tents for Players & Fans: How to Pick the Right One

Updated September 27, 2023 and originally published August 5, 2022

Soccer tents, whether you are a soccer player or a fan commercial pop-up tents make games more enjoyable by adding comfort. This is especially true when attending outdoor sporting events that last a long time. Commercial Pop-up soccer tents have become a statement in the sport by adding shade, promoting your team, and promoting your sponsors.  Whether you are playing in the big leads, school, or your community team, here are a few things to look for when purchasing a soccer tent. 

What makes a good soccer tent?

Pop Up Tents Help Control Climate

Any outdoor comes with good and bad weather. This is one of the biggest reasons why having a pop-up soccer tent comes in handy. Commercial soccer tents are great in various weather conditions. They help block the sun in the summer, keep you dry when it rains, and keep cold air out in the winter when paired with tent walls. A regular pop-up tent does not have the same quality as a commercial soccer tent. You want a soccer tent that has waterproof tops, won’t fade as fast due to sunlight and will last you game after game.

Quality of your soccer tent

When it comes to outdoor events we do not recommend buying a tent from your neighboring store. Commercial tents are always the ideal way to go. Commercial pop-up tents are built with good quality. The materials used help your soccer canopy last game after game. Many commercial tents are made from steel or aluminum. When you have a quality tent, a lot of the time the fabric is waterproof perfect for those rainy days. Scratches on your tent are a lot harder to get and they are very durable and can be used on almost any terrain.

VendorKit Features Frame
inflatable decontamination tent fabric

Transporting and setting up your soccer tent

Since you will be attending home and away games, having a soccer tent that can be easily transported and set up is important. Instent offers four different types of frames you can choose from depending on what you are using it for. Our V5 and V4 lite are ideal for a situation where only one person is setting up a tent. Not only is it easy to carry but setting up only takes 30 seconds. This is great for teams and fans that are on the go.


Customizing your soccer tent

Earlier, we mentioned adding walls to your tent to keep cold air out. This is the beauty of having a commercial soccer tent. Commercial soccer tents allow you to customize your tent in the following ways:

Adding graphics

A commercial soccer tent allows you to add graphics to your tent. This can be the logo of your team, showcasing your team sponsors, and anything your heart desires.

Adding accessories

Adding accessories to your tent makes your game time more enjoyable. Tent walls are a great way to not only keep the cold air out. Adding a tent awning gives your additional shade and coverage. If you want more ideas on other add-ons you can visit this link here for more inspiration.

V3 Canopy Awning

Creating an ambience

Adding a counter

Counters can easily be added to pop up tents. They are multifunctional and can be used at sporting events to serve food & beverages, showcase products, or simply elevate your space and store various items. Counters allow you to create a nice and cool ambience, separating your tent space from the rest. 

Adding chairs

Branded Folding Chairs

Ideal for sporting events, they are a great solution for providing comfortable seating while showcasing your team, your sponsors, or your colors. Thanks to its foldable feature, this item is easy to store and transport (with a shoulder strap carrying bag).

Sling Chairs

Sling Chairs are a perfect way to create a unique atmosphere at events. It combines comfort, style, and durability. It is foldable and lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and use at sporting events. The custom printed feature on the removable seat allows the Sling Chair to be used at different events and different occasions: keep the frame and change the graphics indefinitely! 

There is an abundance of tent options to choose from. It’s easy to go to your local store and pick up a generic tent, but we highly recommend Commercial tents for outdoor events. The growth in usage of commercial soccer tents has increased and for good reasons. If you are still not sure about what tent to purchase and what accessories you need you can always reach out to one of our specialists who will help you design your tent for free!