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Think Outside the Box: Stylish Custom Banners Gave this Shop a Hip Look

The Client: Zero UV

Zero UV is an online eyewear company striving to provide customers with hip eyewear. Founded in 2001, they have designed endless eyewear styles from modernly chic to retro options that are affordable for everyone.

The Challenge: Low Resolution File

With plans of opening their first retail store, Zero UV visited our showroom in search of a “cool” display that would give their store a final trendy touch. They set their minds on two very large custom banners that were to be used as wall separators for their store. They had two images in mind that they wanted to use for printing on the large banners- 306″x 88″ & 313″x 118″. However, the images they presented were not high resolution quality and could not be used for print.

Solution Provided: Free High Resolution Photos

Often times we are approached by customers who have this similar problem. They want to use low resolution images or logos that need to be recreated before printing. Fortunately, our talented in house designers always find a solution that the client will love. Our senior designer searched the art archives and found an image that matched the colors and features that the client wanted to use. We presented a rendering of what the final product would look like and the client loved it.

The Result: Superb Vibrant Printed Custom Banners

The banners were digitally printed on high quality materials with a superior finishing for an excellent visual presentation. The assigned Project Manager personally delivered the banners and helped to set them up in the correct location. They were very happy with the final presentation of were pleased that our Project Manager went the extra mile to help install the banners.


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