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Support your Brand Online with these 10 Offline Marketing Strategies

Online marketing is more important than ever. With the scope and reach available on the internet and the number of free marketing opportunities, very few brands can get by without implementing strong online marketing techniques. But that doesn’t mean that offline marketing is irrelevant. While online marketing is great for reaching a ton of people really quickly, offline strategies can be great for building relationships and reaching out to a more dedicated group or to a different type of audience you’ve been meaning to target. Here are our top 10 offline marketing strategies to help support your brand.

1. Networking Events

This is still one of the best ways to grow real, valuable engagement in your brand. These events don’t have to cost that much money. Happy hours or breakfast meetings are great networking events. If planned correctly, these can be cost effective and can provide you with direct face time with your prospects to help you establish lasting relationships. No matter how much online marketing grows, nothing can take the place of real face to face interaction.

2. Targeted Print Ads

While most companies spend their time investing in online advertisements, with the rise of ad-blocking software, the effectiveness of this strategy is declining. If there is a particular newspaper or magazine that reaches your target audience, print ads can be very much worth your time. Experts at Forbes also suggest that local magazines or newspapers can actually be very effective, especially for smaller businesses. We recommend that you do your research and find a few that directly speaks to your niche.

3. Phone Calls

While phone calls can be time-consuming, they also work to engage your customers. This strategy can encompass both cold calling and warm calling.  As a reminder, cold calling is reaching out to new customers and trying to raise awareness about your brand. Warm calling is more about reminding people you’ve already met and engaged with at events. Sometimes the best way to reach your prospects directly is to make that call and follow up with them. Don’t expect your online strategy to do all the work for you. Nothing beats making a direct connection and establishing that relationship like a call.

4. Speaking Events

Positioning yourself or a key member of your staff as a speaker at any event is a fantastic way to raise brand awareness and reach your target audience. As a speaker, you are positioned as an expert in your field, and this can create natural interest in your brand.  Most likely, you will also be able to interact with prospects and answer direct questions which may help you make more sales.

5. Direct Mail

Direct mail is still a solid marketing tactic. While it was demonized for many years, with the rise of email and the diminishing of companies that use this tactic, there is some benefit to utilizing a direct mail strategy. Sending out cards with discounts or information on it can be useful, because it is more likely that people will read a piece of paper delivered to them than an email that can be easily deleted. It can also help you reach an older audience that isn’t as tuned into their email inbox.

6. Live Training, Seminars, or Demos

Hosting a live event is another excellent way to grow your reach and credibility. Similar to networking events and speaking events, it allows you to develop more robust, in-person connections to people and position your company as an authority in your field.

7. Meetings

Ask any sales guy and they’ll tell you that face-to-face meetings are the best guarantee of future sales. Going through the effort to come together and talk about your brand will leave a lasting impression and build a solid relationship for future success.

8. Sponsor an Event

If you have the capability to actually sponsor an event, this can be an incredible way to raise awareness of your brand and business. Everyone at the event will see your logo around the space, and crediting you as one of the sponsors, the attendees are sure to leave the event knowing who your brand.

9. Branded Merchandise

Giving people you meet in person something tangible to take home that has your brand on it is a great way to build lasting awareness of your brand. The upside of it is that if they wear it around town, they are basically a walking billboard for your brand, so you get the chance to reach even more people!

10. Offer Referral Benefits

>Most marketing execs agree that above all else, referrals produce the best leads. People are more likely to listen to someone they trust than some company they’ve never heard of. Sending out cards with a referral code or giving current customers a discount if they refer someone to your product or service can be a great way to encourage word of mouth.



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