Custom Table Covers

Table Covers x Styling Tips

Having a table without a table cloth at your event is like having macaroni without the cheese, chips without the guacamole, fries without the ketchup – basically, it’s borderline sacrilegious. That might be a little extreme, but a custom stretch table cover can truly make or break your display. 

More than just great looking  

Table covers are not just a pretty face – they serve a greater functionality purpose for any booth or pop-up display. 

They can work to block off the inside of your tent from the general public – giving your booth attendants a space that’s all their own. 

Table covers can be modified to fit your needs: three-sided table covers are perfect to disguise under-table storage from event attendees. Being able to easily access and accommodate personal belongings, extra display items or snacks helps to ensure that your event will be smooth sailing! 

If your table is a stand alone, having a table cover with a back zipper allows easy storage that’s out of sight (but never out of mind). Simply store your items, zip up the table back and consider your under-table storage hidden treasure! 


Wrinkle-free is the way to be!

We love to see a fun, printed table cover that accents the overall design and provides a conversation starter as attendees enter your area. The most important thing to remember? Choose a material that is wrinkle-proof. Think of your event table cover like a shirt on a first date; it should be clean, crease-free and ready for adventure! 


Next up is logo placement. 

Are you the type to keep it simple, refined and classic? We love the timeless look of the single logo across the center, printed in high quality, vibrant ink. 

Maximalists rejoice! Table covers can speak to your aesthetic as well. Logo on the front? You got it. Logo on both sides? No problem, the more the merrier! It’s always suggested to go the multi-logo route when using a fitted, custom stretch table cover. Visibility is key, and a custom table cover will ensure that your logo is seen from near and far. 


Conversation-starting table covers for the win! 

Table covers offer a great opportunity to showcase your company’s value props, taglines, or a way to spread exciting news without having to say a word! We love to see logos printed on your pop-up tent and then including a fun tagline or short company callout to a unique selling point printed on the table cover for a seamless presentation. It’s an easy way to give all the info needed to draw people into your booth.


The moral of the story? Table covers function far beyond just the awkward family holiday dinner, though we will always have a soft spot for Grandma’s turkey-printed tablecloth at Thanksgiving! Reach out to see how we can take your table set-up to the next level! 


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