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The Secrets to Standing Out at Any Show Using your Event Tents

You never want your brand to be the event equivalent of a wallflower, standing in the corner drinking punch, while everyone enjoys himself or herself. You want it to be laughing and smiling on the dance floor, wearing the hippest outfit. Whether you will be exhibiting at a sporting event or a festival; we found the secrets to help your company stand out from the competition at any outdoor shows using your event tents.

Wisely Select the Right Event to Attend

If you have been in the industry, chances are you already know the right events to attend for your brand, but if you’re just starting, the number of events you can attend are endless. A good indication if the event is right for your company is by determining if your targeted audience & if your competitors will be attending.

Start doing your research early, and book as soon as the registration window opens. You will not only have the advantage of paying a lower fee, but you will also have the upper hand is selecting the right booth location which will ultimately play a big part as well.

Location is Everything

So you finally found the right event to attend. Next up is finding the right location to help maximize your brand’s visibility. From our experience, we always recommend a corner booth or an island. Typically, they are more expensive, but if you book early, you will get a better deal and the possibility of generating more sales will increase. The goal is to select a booth where traffic will organically make its way to your location without undermining your brand’s visibility. Avoid being sandwiched in a location where your neighbors will get the most attention. We recommend that you select areas near the entrance or exit areas where there is continuously more foot traffic.

Presentation is King

You don’t have to have a big booth to make a memorable impression. The key is to create a great presentation to generate more traffic. Begin by selecting the right custom printed canopy that will effectively help to maximize your booth space. Stay on top of the latest outdoor tent and custom trends such as inflatable tents. These are not only modern & different, but they are also easy to put up and will save you money when it comes to sending your equipment through a third party. Make sure to select bright & memorable colors to be printed on your custom tent. Playing with colors is a great way to create that “wow” factor you are looking for at any event.

Display Your Logo Effectively

Your logo’s visibility is crucially one of the most important factors you must never overlook for outdoor events. It is your company’s representation and form of identification so pay special attention on how you will display it at any event. Your options are unlimited when it comes to getting custom outdoor tents. You can print the tops, the valances and even get printed walls with your logos. Make sure you do it visually tasteful. Your other options include everything from hiring baristas to robots. Whatever you chose to do, the key is to stand out among the sea of other brands.

Don’t Forget the Power of Social Media

Plan your show specials ahead of time and start spreading the word a month ahead. Use social media and let your followers know what events you will be attending. Persuade them to come & stop by your booth by planning fun giveaways that will entice them to stop by. Once you’re at the show, keep posting away to continuously engage your audience. Encourage your guest to take photos and to post them on social media. Make sure they include your company’s name in the message or added in a hashtag.


No matter which event you chose to attend, always make sure to plan ahead and create a list of things to do for every show. Get organized but expect the unexpected and be prepared! Lastly, remain positive at all times and have fun. Attendees prefer to be greeting by someone upbeat and friendly so make the best of every event.



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