The Top 10 Best Locations in LA for Hosting a Successful Marketing Event

LA gives you plenty of opportunities to make a name for your business, whether you have a breakthrough product to sell or a service every person needs in their life. In this city, you’ll avoid most weather-related cancellations and have access to a diverse demographic. While outdoor displays are great for getting the attention and brand awareness you need, you still need the right location for a successful marketing event. The next time you take your store on the road and need the perfect spot to set up in LA, consider these 10 places.

The Grove

This 600,000-square-foot market provides entertainment and shopping opportunities for LA shoppers, meaning you’ll have access to an audience in the mood for a purchase. The upscale atmosphere, beautiful fountains, central park and art deco architecture set The Grove apart from a typical shopping mall experience. This location even has its own trolley system transporting shoppers to and from the nearby farmer’s market. Contact the specialty leasing coordinator to hold an event at The Grove.

Universal City Walk

This three block promenade’s tag line is “Always Unexpected,” and it lives up to this promise with a vast range of street performers, nightclubs, restaurants, stores and an IMAX theater. You’re right next door to University Studios, so you get an excellent mix of tourist and local traffic. Putting your marketing event in the middle of this busy area gives you plenty of opportunities to connect with your target audience. Get in touch with the leasing office to discuss hosting a marketing event.

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier got its start in 1909 as a municipal sewage pipe, but it wasn’t long before an amusement park and other attractions turned this area into a must-visit destination. You’ll see the Ferris wheel as you approach the pier, but visitors also have unique stores, the beach and seaside restaurants to keep them around. Double-decker buses bring plenty of tourists through, and the locals come for family-friendly entertainment. Reach out to the Office of Pier Management to set up at this beautiful location.

Venice Boardwalk

The Venice Beach area attracts the creative community of LA. You’ll find surfers enjoying the breakwater and bodybuilders pumping iron at the famed Muscle Beach. You have 1.5 miles available on the boardwalk, which welcomes outside vendors, exhibitors and performers. Your outdoor marketing event will fit right into this environment and enjoy a receptive audience. Event and vending spaces on the boardwalk are free and offered on a first come, first serve basis. Simply wait by your desired spot until vending hours start at 9 AM.

3rd St Promenade Santa Monica

This Westside pedestrian mall, located one block away from Santa Monica State Beach, is well known among local and tourists alike as one of the best places to go for shopping and entertainment. The open-air architecture gives you access to massive crowds in an environment well-suited for outdoor marketing. Street musicians and other performers create a unique atmosphere and encourage groups to stick around after they complete their errands. Set up marketing event space by talking with Provenzano Resources, Inc.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

This 18 block stretch of sidewalk features stars of the best and brightest in Hollywood. Tourists from around the world know about this attraction and include it on their must-see list when they’re in the area. A diverse number of visitors will pass by your outdoor displays as they look for their favorite stars. Make sure your custom printed tents attract enough attention to move their eyes upward. The street vending on Hollywood Boulevard does not currently require specific permission, but the city is currently discussing legislature changes that may alter this arrangement.

Grand Central Market Downtown LA

This long-standing LA landmark brings food lovers together under one roof with local cuisine. The 30,000 square feet hosts many restaurants, vendors and stalls, which makes it the perfect spot for events. Hand out your free samples or sell complementary products to consumers or stall owners. Reach out to the Filming and Events coordinator to set up in this area.

The Pike in Long Beach

You get a solid tourist population through this commercial development due to its Long Beach location, as well as its numerous restaurants and its large movie theater. Lower visitor numbers compared to other LA attractions might seem like a drawback at first, but you’ll benefit from less competition. You’ll also have more of a chance to stand out in this area and decrease your chances of someone operating in the same niche as you. Long Beach’s Business License department handles event and vending licenses.

Olvera Street

Head over to the oldest part of LA by setting up a marketing event at this historic monument. You can immerse yourself in the location often called “LA’s birthplace,” established in 1930. Olvera Street’s open-air Mexican market hosts many family businesses offering everything from tacos to traditional Mexican crafts. Performers, events and other lively activities keep plenty of visitors flowing through the area. Although tourists find their way to the market on occasion, you’ll see more locals overall. Get permission for your marketing event by filling out an event application and sending it to the El Pueblo Historical Monument Special Events Division.

Dodgers Stadium

Marketing to a sports-loving demographic? You can’t ask for a better outdoor marketing location than Dodgers Stadium. The venue seats 56,000 people for Los Angeles Dodgers games, concerts and other events. You have plenty of space to set up outside the stadium and the potential for a large crowd making their way in and out of the area.Fill out the Dodgers request form on the official website to start the process.


Stop shying away from outdoor marketing events simply because you don’t know where to set up. Enjoy the lovely LA weather and bring your outdoor displays & custom printed tents to these 10 locations. You have a variety of venue styles and demographics that allows you to test the best options for your business and build the brand awareness you’re looking for.


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