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The Top 2017 Sea Otter Products We Loved! Part 2

Sea otter was just a few weeks ago and we can’t stop talking how cool this event was because we just couldn’t get enough of it! We definitely loved every minute of it, but definitely enjoyed checking out all the cool products that were featured.  In its honor, we decided to create a second blog to show you some additional products that we loved.   Check these out!

Oh! and if you didn’t get a chance to take a look at the first article take a look it’s here !



These urban helmets are pretty sleek and cool for riding around the city. This year, Abus is adding three new urban commuter helmets to their U.S line. These include the skateboard style helmet, the Hyban helmet and the higher end Urban- I. Colin Myers with the sales team explained that the new features for the Hyban include “a removable visor and plenty of ventilation with a light in the rear and a very tough glued shell. ” While the top of the line Urban-I has everything from hand molding, a fit lock system and come it comes in 5 different colors. These helmets with retail at $49, $69 and $99.




An electric mountain bike? Yup, you read right! Cannondale is finally introducing an E-mountain bike to the US market, the Moterra. This new E-Bike has some pretty cool features such as BOSH Power Pack 500Wh motor with 3 different assist modes. What’s cool about this is that the motor has an immediate response and will kick in when you pedal and it charges really fast. This bike is a really fun, aggressive bike that gives you that extra boost to try new places you couldn’t ride before.  Retails for $5499.00




Fatback Bikes The Corvus

When it comes to designing a bike made for riding in the snow, this Anchorage, Alaska Bike Company has it down! Their newest addition to their bike collection is the Corvus; a carbon fat bike with suspension correction geometry, shorter chainstays for easier climbing and incredibly precise steering. “This bike was designed for bike racing and is extremely well balanced, especially when riding in the snow,” explained John Mylne, brand manager with Fatback bikes. You can also get these bikes customized with many upgrades available. These bikes start at $2700


Leatt DBX  Enduro 3.0 Helmet

This helmet not only has a pretty cool design but also has pretty good safety features such as 360° Turbine Technology. “The blue turbines absorb energy and allow the helmet to reduce rotational force up to 30% while reducing the head impact” as explained by Chris Arnold, bike sales associate for Leatt.  It also has a removable chin bar and “allows the rider to be able to pedal up without the chin bar so they can breathe and then later re-apply when they hit the downhill. Other cool features include 18 ventilation vents, anti-odor washable liner and cheek pads, a visor breakaway function for rotational reduction in a crash and a fidlock magnetic closure system.  This helmet will be available in September and will retail for $239



Slime has been making the most effective puncture sealants since 1989 and this year, they finally have the “best sealant in the industry” according to Jow Bowman with Slime. Their Tubeless Premium Sealant is made from a synthetic latex formula that protects bike tires from tears and slits or it can heal real-world punctures and slashes. The formula is allergen free, it contains no natural latex, and it’s CO2 compatible so it won’t freeze in your tire. It also evenly disperses for consistent coverage throughout the tire. If you’ve invested in good pair of tires, this is the sealant you need to keep your tires safe or to save your day!  Retail Starts at $18