Top 7 Most Popular Promotional Tents and Displays of 2021

Planning business events are so much fun, regardless of whether it’s a trade show or a sporting event, however having a professional display is a very valuable and profitable marketing tool for any business. 

One challenge is finding the best promotional tent and display for your event, here are 7 of the most popular tents and displays to help you decide which is most suitable for your marketing needs:

1. Event Tents

Tents are one of the best, low-cost, marketing tools for any indoor or outdoor business event. These days tents are also used as storefront and restaurant extensions, outdoor drive-through events, and much more! With the right design, you can increase brand awareness, increase return on investment (ROI) and simply make your business look more appealing and professional. For instance, pop-up tents, which were among the most popular advertising tents in 2021, are versatile for indoor or outdoor events, are easy to set up, and have plenty of add-on features to enhance your design and display setting. 

For starters size is the first thing to consider when deciding on a tent, therefore it’s important to know that the standard size for branded event tents is a 10’ x 10’, which is usually the size of booth space for a tradeshow with a canopy and frame measurements just under 120” x 120” mark. Once assembled, the highest point will stand at around 11ft to 12ft tall, this feature of the tent is great for branding as you have all four sides on the canopy that are visible from a distance and perfect for creative designs and logos. 

A few more things to consider, avoid printing your company website and phone number on top of the display and save this information for the smaller skirts or inner walls of the canopy as they become more visible to guests when they are approaching your booth. Also, it is best to have a premium canopy that is generally made out of UV-resistant polyester materials and use dye-sublimated prints to avoid rapid fading, be aware that plastic canopies are not as durable and do not look as nice. Lastly, ensure you have all the tools you need to properly secure your tent during outdoor events, although tent frames are similar in design with click-in-place telescoping legs and rust-resistant folding sturdy aluminum skeletons, you want to make sure to have ground stakes and weights to help stop gusts of wind from moving your tent. 

Overall, the benefits of branded event tents are that you can customize your design and logo in various ways and even add full-length, full-color printed walls to ensure you stand out at any event! 


2. Flags 

Do you ever wonder why car dealerships have tons of flags flapping around the outside area of the parking lot? Well, flags are a great way to deliver a quick message, brand your products, and direct customers where to go. Flags can be used for any event and come in all kinds of shapes and styles, but the most commonly ordered are the Teardrop, Feather, Blade, and Flex Edge flags. Premium flags, although more expensive, come with thicker material, sturdy frames, and dye-sub graphic prints that will ensure your design will last longer.  

For security purposes, most flags come with either a ground screw for smooth terrains and Xbase metal for rough terrains and flat surfaces. Other base options include weighted bases or cross bases, which allow flag set up for indoor or outdoor events. 

Flags are popular, effective, can be seen from afar, and affordable as standalone displays or supplemental add-ons to your tradeshow booth displays or outdoor tents. 


3. Table Covers 

A great addition to your indoor or outdoor display is a table cover,  here you can add your logo and website information because it becomes more visible to guests as they walk up or pass by your booth or tent. Three of the most common table covers include the Tension Table Cover, which uses stretched polyester material that is fitted over the table like a pillowcase and zips closed to give the graphic tension and makes the table look like a counter. The second is the Full Table Throw which is a standard table cover that fits over the table and hangs close to the ground on all four sides and is mostly used for indoor events. The third is the Table Runner which is generally 24″, 30″ or 60″ wide fabrics that lay over the table cover and hang onto the floor on the front and back sides of the tables. 

Table covers are more traditional and not as modern as other displays, however, they are one of the most effective ways to promote your brand at a very low cost.


4. Banner Stands 

Historically, retractable banner stands are the most popular displays, lightweight, and easy to assemble. These banners come with plenty of room for graphic design without taking too much space. For the most part, retractable banners come with bases that include twist-and-lock feet and ground stakes to secure the display. Other banners use weighted bases that can be filled with water or sand for extra weight and tipping protection, these are good for outdoor events. Nonetheless, it is important to always keep in mind that even outdoor banner stands should not be used in adverse weather conditions. 


5. Vinyl and Fabric Signs 

Indoor and outdoor signs are still very common, affordable, and allow creativity because you can make them into any shape and size. Your company can print its designs on tall poster stands, hanging vinyl, and folding signs. In addition, Contour displays are becoming more popular and offer a distinctive look that will make your brand stand out. Signs can also be made of and include corrugated plastic with hooks and loops for fastening, printed whiteboard, fabric, and vinyl. Make sure you know where your sign will be located, this will help decide on the type of display you need. 


6. Large Displays 

Large displays offer a lot of graphic areas, which can be impactful and draw a lot of attention. Usually, these displays will measure about 10’ x 10’, which can be used in a tradeshow booth or in outdoor settings. A large display like this may seem to be expensive, however, they are more affordable than you think. 

Two of the most common displays are the Waveline and Billboard displays. The Waveline display has a standard measurement of 10” x 10” and the graphics are printed on a stretched polyester material that is machine washable. This display uses a sturdy aluminum frame that fits on two bubble bases that can be filled with water to keep the display weighted to the ground. The Billboard display has a 360-degree graphic design that is printed on stretch fabric that fits around the frame like a pillowcase. The Billboard display frame is made of aluminum tubes and comes with waterproof weight bags that are covered by the 360-degree graphic and can withstand up to 14mph wind gusts.  

For outdoor displays, it is important to know that they may become a bit dirty, and rain, heat, and wind can impact the display’s graphic design. 

Large displays are a great investment because they are multi-functional, they can be used as back walls for trade shows, photo backdrops, interview panels, event entrances, and much more! 


7. Bars and Counters 

Bars and Counters are also another multi-functional way to promote brands. These types of displays are ideal for trade shows, tee boxes, event entrances, concerts, and outdoor events. These types of displays are convenient because they have pre-assembled collapsible frames and use oxford graphics with fasteners, some even break down into a carrying bag. Counters and bars are not suitable for every event, however, are extremely popular amongst guests. 

The options are endless when it comes to choosing a display, that’s why it’s important to know what type of display best suits your event’s needs. One thing is for sure, owning a professional display for an outdoor or indoor event is key when promoting your brand because it opens new opportunities and gives your company more flexibility moving forward. Fortunately, anyone looking for a quality display can create a promotional impact at an affordable price!