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Top Reasons to Select Air Dome Inflatable Tent for Your Next Event

The Air Dome is our inflatable canopy tent that is completely different than your average pop up tent. Here are some reasons why you should consider having an Air Dome tent at your next event if you’re looking to establish an impactful presence with a positive outcome.

1. Attractiveness

Nothing gets more attention at an event than an inflatable tent among a sea of traditional pop up tents. The Air Dome has a whimsical rounded look that contrasts boxy tents, catching attendees’ attention almost instantly. The Air Dome offers custom printing to make them as vibrant as needed. The Air Dome can also be easily be accessorized by adding walls, windows, and multiple Air Dome tents to make them even more appealing.

2. Easy Set-Up

During events, timing is everything and you can’t devote too much time to simply setting up. The Air Dome is conveniently packaged in a sleeve that can be carried like a backpack. Once at the destination, the Air Dome can be unfolded on the ground and the inflation process begins. With an electric pump, the Air Dome can be fully inflated within 5 minutes. After inflation, no continuous airflow is necessary to keep the Air Dome inflated. Yes, Ins’TenT’s pop-up tents can be deployed in 30 seconds but just a few more minutes and your event space will look stunning with an inflatable tent over a pop-up.

3. Advanced Airflow Valves

The Air Dome was created with advanced valves to protect the tents’ inflation. It has one-way air valves that prevent the air from escaping and deflating the tent. Since the Air Dome doesn’t require constant airflow and a noisy blower, the Air Dome also features an overpressure valve to protect the tent from over inflating. The overpressure valve automatically releases excess air when the tent reaches its maximum pressure. So don’t worry about the tent exploding, Ins’TenT literally has it under control.

4. Aerodynamic Technology

For the most part, weather conditions can be predicted ahead of time. However, when sudden winds arrive, tents can go flying away if they’re not properly secured. Since the Air Dome is filled with air, you’d think that it would also go flying away, but it doesn’t. The Air Dome was carefully designed with the highest aerodynamic technology to withstand winds up to 50 mph. It will completely absorb wind power coming from any direction.

5. Dacron®

The Air Dome is made with high-end Dacron® making the inflatable tent rock hard when inflated. Its strong composition makes the tent hard for extensive protection against abrasion on any terrain. The Dacron® material is highly resistant to both wet and dry conditions. It has a low absorbency allowing the fiber to dry quickly.


The Air Dome is a fun and creative tent that will make you stand out at any event. If you’re looking to have a successful event, order your Air Dome tent. The inflatable tent is available in 10’ x 10’, 13’ x 13’, and 17’ x 17’.


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