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Trendy Outdoor Displays That Will Make Your Brand Look Cool

At every event you sponsor, you will inevitably run into a ton of other sponsors competing for the attention of the attendees. If your outdoor displays looks just like all your neighbor’s you won’t stand out, and if you look worse your brand will stand out for the wrong reason.  So, to help you avoid looking uncool, we took the liberty of putting together a list of trendy display products that will help ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves.

Inflatable Tents

Want your company to look like one of the top dogs at your next event? These are generating a lot of popularity in the market. Every one of the big guys, from Pepsi to Monster, is exhibiting in one of these at nearly every outdoor event and they’re getting a lot of traffic. The tents have an edgier look to them and come in smaller 10×10 to 20×20 sizes that you will be able to spot from a far distance.  And don’t let how great these displays look fool you, they are air filled and portable, making them quick and easy to setup.  They are so actually so lightweight one person can carry it directly to the event. It is also very easy to customize the walls and awnings, giving you the freedom to design something completely unique.


Custom Pop Up Tents

These tents should look familiar, as they have been growing in popularity over that last few years. You can find them at trade shows, outdoor sporting events, and even company picnics. They look nice and are fairly easy to put up. However, when we talk about exhibiting, you will want to select a higher end frame pop up tent that will last you one show after another. These tents are very common, but there are a lot of possibilities to accessorize.  Picking a theme will also give you the opportunity to incorporate your logo in a clever way. We have seen companies create a saloon look by adding printed wooden walls and doors or even create a Barbie playhouse look. Just use your creativity.

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Outdoor Portable Bar

If you are looking for a clever way to entertain your guest or lure them into your booth, a custom bar is a fun solution. You can print your logo or showcase it using cool LED lights.  It certainly won’t hurt the ambiance if you offer drinks to the guest coming in to speak about your products.  You don’t have to serve alcohol, which can end up being very costly, you can offer energy drinks or even hire a barista to serve coffee. The point is to create a fun environment for your guest to enjoy and bars are fun.

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Branded Inflatable Furniture

When it comes to creating an environment that everyone can enjoy, inflatable furniture is the next big thing. The growing European trend is now making its way to the states. They are easy to transport and can be taken to all your events without paying those ridiculous fees to the show’s coordinator. Your team can quickly set these items up without quickly and the result is a fun, yet comfortable environment where your guest can relax and enjoy your product presentation. They can also be printed to showcase your brand’s creativity.

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Staying trendy and turning heads at any event is a great way to promote your brand relevancy in the market. Always focus on presenting an innovative image that keeps your prospect clients interested. But the success of a show comes also from the success of its planning!

To help you planning your next event and to avoid forgetting the essentials download the checklist below:

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