Warranty: Defining the True Meaning of “Manufacturer’s Warranty” for Your Pop Up Tents

Your tradeshow displays do a lot of heavy (marketing) lifting for your company, and you don’t want to be without them for long. Even though they come with a manufacturer’s warranty, pop up tents will often have replacement requests refused if damaged. Indeed,  custom pop up tents warranty doesn’t cover the costs of every type of harm, and the warranty document will detail the circumstances in which you can have your product refunded or repaired, as well as specify how long the agreement lasts. For example, damage caused by wind or fabric ripped in an accident aren’t covered. Discover the true meaning of your manufacturer’s warranty before you run into trouble.

Accidental Damage

Your tents go with you to many events, and while you can minimize the risk of accidents, you can’t completely eliminate every possibility. Your manufacturer’s warranty only covers defects acquired during production. Damage caused by weather, accidental or intentional actions are typically never covered under this warranty. For example, if the manufacturer included a too-short part on your canopy frame and it falls over during normal operation due to this problem, it’s covered under your warranty. If your staff runs over your tent with a golf cart or someone defaced your tent while you were gone, you’re on your own for the replacement costs.

Weather-Related Rust

Manufacturers expect their custom pop up tents to spend a lot of time outside. They tend not to cover weather-related problems, which include rust on your tent frame. Look through the small print on your warranty, and read each line carefully. Rust may not be specifically excluded from return eligibility, but Acts of God and a blanket disclaimer for weather conditions show up in the small print. If your tent is made out of steel, you have a powder coating, but it doesn’t last forever. Eventually, the outdoor conditions win out and cause rust. If you’re looking for a tent that avoids this problem, Air Craft aluminum is strong and will not rust.

Additional Parts

Check your warranty for a part-by-part breakdown. Some businesses consider the entire pop up canopy tent one unit, while others create specific terms for each part. For example, fabric pieces such as your tent walls don’t have coverage other than incorrect printing protection or a one-year anti-fade warranty. Reach out to the company if the warranty terms aren’t clear; you don’t want to get stuck with custom pop up tent repair costs because you have a part that fell out of warranty early on in its life.

Return and Refund Policies

You have a lot of situations in which you can’t return your product and get a refund, so where does your warranty actually come in handy? Typically, the manufacturer replaces your goods or refunds your cost if the problem comes from defects caused when they created the item. For example, if your logo wasn’t printed correctly when you first received the pop-up tents, the manufacturing company is the faulty party. Damage caused by faulty craftsmanship rather than mistreatment or the weather also falls under your coverage. Your warranty may cover parts but not shipping or labor, so you will pay that expense in the process.

Refunds have their own set of terms and conditions. You only have access to refunds if you haven’t used the tent and if you’re within a certain period following your purchase date. Some companies only honor refunds if you encounter a defect or malfunction; the warranty terms specify whether you’re responsible for shipping and restocking costs when receiving a refund. If you ordered the wrong product, however, you can only exchange the product.

Don’t add avoidable expenses to your plate. Spend some time reading the small print and talking to the manufacturer directly to understand what their warranty covers. That way, you will spend less time trying to figure out a tradeshow display replacement and more time making connections with the people who matter — your customers.



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