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New Comer British Brand Brightens The Grove LA With a Star Filled Circus Event

The Client: Nordstrom

For over 100 years, Nordstrom, the Seattle-based retailer has been a well-established retailer specializing in high-end clothing, shoes, makeup, and accessories. Their focus is to deliver the best possible shopping experience for their customers.

The Challenge: Custom Circus Tents in Only 5 Days

Charlotte Tilbury, the wildly popular British makeup brand was launching a new Goddess Palette Collection of makeup with Nordstrom at The Grove in LA. The event was to be a VIP circus themed extravaganza complete with circus contortionist performers, psychics and cigarette girls. A-List celebrities from actors to social media stars would be attending to celebrate and test the makeup. Nordstrom contacted us directly in search of partnering with our company to help make this event happen. They needed a large quantity of circus themed custom tents & displays that would serve as makeover stations and bars. Everything needed to be ready within 5 days!

Solution Provided: Rush Production Option

At Ins’TenT we take pride in making our customers happy and helping Nordstrom turn the event into a reality was our top priority! We knew that we had to bring our “A Game.” In our efforts to complete this project on time, we got all the team involved. Our most experienced designer worked late the first day to design circus themed custom tents renderings to submit to Nordstrom for their approval. They loved our color selection and the design work that our graphic designer presented and we got their approval without hesitation. We sent the proofs into production and had everything ready by the 3rd day! Nordstrom asked for our help to deliver and setup for the event. Our team gladly volunteered and showed up to the grove early morning at 5 am on the day of the event! They were so excited to be on the field and help set up the different stations and bars.

The Result: A Magic & Successful “On Time” Event

The event turned out to be a complete success. Celebrity photos were trending on social media & entertainment channels throughout the following days. We were so proud to have been a part of it and Nordstrom was extremely appreciative of our help. Charlotte Tilbury was very happy and described our tents as a wonderland of “gorgeous circus tents.”

Discover Backstage Footage:

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