How Inflatable Replicas Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Businesses and organizations everywhere always look for different ways to expand their likability. In a new age, those methods have explored strategies that roam digitally, forgetting in-person favors. This however, does not diminish the value of a display to make people double-take, stare and linger or even stop due to a good old fashioned inflatable something… anything. That is why custom inflatable replicas act as the perfect marketing strategy.

As much as it might not be the first thought you have when it comes to branding, it certainly does the trick when used the right way. For example, who doesn’t automatically stop to see what’s going on under the floating inflatable tube man that’s wiggling around in the air of some car dealership? Those may not be original, but they definitely catch your attention, which is exactly how your marketing strategy should work.


Brand Recognition

Whether it be a mascot, a logo, or the previously mentioned inflatable tube man, every business has something in their branding that screams their name. For McDonalds, it’s the yellow arches and for Kool-Aid, it’s the giant talking pitcher. What if these were inflatable, big, and floating for people to not just see, but recognize?

Getting people to go past your inflatable replica and stop and look is just the beginning, but it would be so much more if they knew exactly what it was they were looking at. For instance, a bakery could set up a floating piece of pie and alert festival goers to a place they can get a treat at. 


Standing Out

The biggest goal in marketing is getting your audience’s attention in the first place. It all begins once you get someone to stop and look. There are many ways to achieve this, and whatever event you might be showing off your business at, an inflatable replica might be just what can help you stick out.

A big benefit of investing in an inflatable replica is the immediate boost it gives your business–literally. When driving by a city through the highway, the buildings that get your attention are the tallest ones. Equally, when walking through a festival or market, the biggest attractions you’ll stop and look at are the tallest ones. Getting a replica will persuade someone to stop and look. 


Ultimately, your business has to carry the hard job of getting people to look at you. There are many ways to go around doing that, however a quick way is just  having something to stick out from the crowd. At the next festival or fair not only will a passerby have something to draw their eyes to in a sea of people, but they’ll automatically make the association to your business and learn of your presence through the inflatable structure.