Tents For School Events

How to Increase School Pride Using Promotional Items Such as Tents

School pride flows from administrators and teachers to students. When adults don’t show their school pride, you can’t expect young students to express an interest. Luckily, there’s a great way of increasing school pride and get students and alumni excited by using promotional items.

Whether you need to recruit new students for a college or get your current students excited about an upcoming sports event, printed tents have a way of encouraging everyone to get in the spirit.

Use Printed Tents for Schools to Show off Your School Colors

School colors make it easy for people to identify your student groups and sports teams. Displaying your colors also help generate excitement about upcoming events.

Colors matter so much that some combinations have become synonymous with specific institutions. For example, when you see red and gold with a Trojan, you probably think about USC. When you see green, blue, and gold, you might think of Notre Dame.

When you buy a school tent for events, avoid designs that use generic colors. Adding your school colors to the tent will emphasize the importance of school spirit and encourage everyone to get into the right mood.

You can also play with your school colors by adding different shades or combinations to stand out even more.

Get Your School Logo Printed on Tents

School colors help people identify your institution, but there is a good chance that other schools use the same colors. For example, the University of Texas (San Antonio), University of Illinois, and University of Florida use orange and blue as their school colors.

Your local schools may intentionally choose unique color combinations, but what happens when you compete against a school from another district or state? You might have the same colors, which creates confusion. When you choose tents for schools that have logos and the school’s mascot printed on them, you make sure that you stand out!

Adding your school’s mascot to your tent makes it visible which team you support. No one would confuse University of Florida’s Albert and Alberta Gator mascots with the University of Texas’s Rowdy the Roadrunner. They share colors, but they look entirely different.

Distinguish your school and incite pride by choosing tents with images of your mascot or logo printed on them.

Some of the most popular products for boosting school pride include custom tents, inflatable dome tents, printed flags, custom table covers, and inflatable furniture.

Choose the Right School Tents for Your Events

Keep in mind that your school needs tents for various functions. When a school recruiter goes to an event inside a gymnasium, that person needs a 10×10 tent to fit within the allocated space. A large tent might attract more people, but the event organizers won’t let you use it.

Similarly, you need bigger tents when you attend outdoor events. During your homecoming game, you might want something different like an inflatable tent with bright colors and an accurate representation of your school logo. A unique tent will bring more people to your section, where you can tell them about your school’s programs, sell them items like t-shirts and foam hands, and collect donations.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can boost team spirit and beat your competitors. We have a wide selection of custom products and other options. The more creative you get, the more your school stand out!