Inflatable Sports Arch

Why Are Inflatable Arches Sporting Event Essentials?

Imagine arriving on-site to run your very first marathon…and not knowing where the start line is. For any event producer, this would be a nightmare. Luckily, inflatable arches exist! Help your attendees easily find their way with a fun and functional inflatable sports arch.  Not only do inflatable promotional arches and structures enhance the overall look of an event, but they play a significant role in helping to herd crowds, provide information or act as a photo opportunity.

Size Matters

Thanks to their impressive size, Inflatable structures provide excellent visibility. This is great for marketing but also as a tool to corral large groups of people- without having to say a single word! Incorporating a “Start/Finish” inflatable arch for events (we’re looking at you, 5Ks and marathons!) will take the pressure off having to inform all participants of basic information – because you’ll have enough on your plate. Additionally, for your event participants, seeing that huge finish line getting closer and closer as they approach acts as fuel to the fire. 

Marketing Opportunities 

In addition to acting as a directional aide, inflatable promotional arches are the perfect photo opportunity. Having a group photo of all participants under an impressive arch is great proof of your company’s ability to put on a successful event. These photos also work as a fun “thank you” to send out to participants after the event and to get them ramped up for future events. 

Larger than life arches, printed with an event sponsor logo or name, are perfect visibility and a great way to incorporate your sponsors into the event. Can you think of a better way to say “thank you” than to have an epically-sized print of your sponsor’s logo? 

The Finish Line 

When you’re planning your next sporting or charity event extravaganza, there’s no better place to start (pun intended) than with an inflatable promotional arch. It’s an all-in-one way to make a statement, while making event organization a breeze and having your sponsors be the talk of the town. 

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