how inflatables are used

How Inflatables are Used

There are many fun uses for commercial and consumer inflatables, as they are eye-catching and add fun to any event or campaign. You can use inflatables for many reasons, including:

Rental Inflatables

While buying a long-lasting and durable inflatable may be the right move for certain companies or party planners and their needs, you may instead want to use inflatables for a one-time event. Inflatables, including tents, bounce houses, signs, games, slides, and arches, may only be a temporary or infrequent need for your event or company. In these cases, inflatable rentals are helpful and save time for individuals and businesses.

Retail Inflatables

Outdoor inflatables for stores and retailers can draw in customers or interested clients, while indoor inflatables can create effective branding for a company and brighten up a space. Well-known retail inflatable structures include inflatable tube dancers to add movement outside a store as well as signs and custom replicas that advertise a sale or product. Retail inflatables add excitement and make for a dynamic store appearance.

Inflatable Games

Inflatable games make for an action-packed, competitive, and interactive gathering. You may be celebrating a milestone, fundraising for a cause, or promoting a business. Inflatable games, such as racecourses, bowling, climbing walls, mazes, dodgeball, basketball hoops, and water inflatables, are an exciting addition to any gathering and make for a fun environment.

Interactive Inflatables

By adding an interactive inflatable to a lineup of activities for a fun event, get-together, trade show, corporate event, or campaign, you can make an entertaining event even more inviting and thrilling. Inflatables create opportunities for games, photo ops, competitive courses, and other fun activities. A commercial-grade inflatable provides a lot of safe fun and can last for a long time.

Holiday and Event Decoration Inflatables

Custom holiday and replica inflatable decorations can bring a touch of festive charm to any event or provide the perfect stand-out decoration for your home or business. Get into a festive mood, and show that you’re in the spirit of the winter holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah. Be ready for Halloween, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Easter, or any other big holiday. Decorate your personal or business event and make the party stand out with a fun and durable inflatable.

Temporary Structures and Inflatables

Inflatable structures allow you to fill up outdoor and indoor spaces in a venue or for an event. You can mark entrances with bright and inviting arches. You can also use quick and durable inflatable furniture or tables to give friends, family, customers, and those enjoying the festivities places to rest and enjoy themselves. When you get custom arches and furniture, you can further promote the activity or event—and everything is easy to take down and move afterward.

Advertising Inflatables

If you’re looking for a new and simple way to draw more attention to your company, an inflatable advertisement is the way to go. Inflatables that you can customize with your logo, colors, and product help you market your brand at large events and stand out among other companies, garnering interest from the crowds. The inflatable may be a fun character, a logo, or a custom replica of another object or cultural monument. Advertising inflatables can be made to promote a company, an event, or anything you want. They are a unique and interesting way to catch interest where you want it.

Commercial Inflatables

A good commercial inflatable is long-lasting and made of a puncture-resistant material that is designed to withstand more frequent use than consumer inflatables. Commercial inflatables are useful in more locations, indoors and outdoors, and can handle venues or large gatherings. You can use these inflatables for whatever gathering or event you need.

At Instent, we produce highly durable inflatables that can be printed with fully customizable logos and messages to boldly showcase your company.