Types of Inflatables

Types of Inflatables

Inflatables, with their vivid designs and array of practical functions, have firmly embedded themselves into all sorts of different spaces in our modern culture. From gigantic replicas that tower above vents to hilarious inflatable Halloween costumes, these air-filled products cater to a plethora of consumer and commercial needs.

Let’s explore the diverse world of inflatables, their applications, and the endless potential behind their use as a promotional tool (or just for fun).

Inflatable Arches and Other Inflatable Structures

Often deployed in the backdrop of photo ops or at the finish line of a big foot race, inflatable arches are an instant attention-grabber. Huge, custom-branded inflatable arches are a popular choice as entrance points for big conferences or important trade shows, as they immediately set an energetic and festive atmosphere and offer instant visibility to key sponsors or messages.

Inflatable Replicas

Inflatable replicas are commercial-grade inflatables that businesses use for advertising or promotional purposes. These are usually custom-designed, one-off projects created for a specific application. Brands might order inflatable versions of ubiquitous projects (think a giant inflatable beer can to mark the food court area at a big festival) or big inflatable versions of iconic mascots or other brand elements. Larger-than-life versions can take an everyday product design and lend it a memorable visual impact in the eyes of potential customers.

Inflatable Costumes

A recent trend involves costumes with inflatable elements, which are popular for costume parties, stage plays, and throughout the Halloween season. One example that took social media by storm over the last few Halloweens has been the inflatable “Among Us” costume from the popular video game. A cowboy costume that includes an inflatable horse to “ride” on is another common example. These costumes, with their air-filled elements, create a comical and exaggerated look that makes the wearer stand out in any crowd.

Inflatable Animals and Characters

Whether it’s a giant inflatable dragon flying above your city’s Thanksgiving day parade or a cute inflatable unicorn for a child’s ride-on pool toy, inflatables designed in the shape of animals or popular licensed characters are always popular. Inflatable animals and characters range from consumer-grade items like pool toys and holiday inflatables all the way up to commercial-grade custom projects for events and parades.

Inflatable Structures and Buildings

Pool toys and inflatable holiday snowmen can be a lot of fun, but the world of inflatable products gets more expansive when we start looking at larger inflatable structures. Many of these structures are found in the popular and fast-growing realm of interactive inflatables, which includes features like bouncy castles, inflatable ball bits, obstacle courses, tunnels, slides, and even inflatable planetariums that can host interactive science classes for all ages. Other, less recreation-oriented types of inflatable structures include things like tents, domes, and temporary shelters that can be quickly erected with nothing more than an air source.

Consumer Inflatables vs. Commercial Inflatables

Commercial inflatables are often larger products that are built with durability and repeated or even everyday use in mind. This could be a giant inflatable character that dances in the wind in front of a car dealership or an inflatable arch to act as the finish line for a big marathon. There is a vast array of potential commercial uses for inflatable products.

Consumer inflatables, on the other hand, are designed and priced for widespread use by the public. Think of pool floats, holiday yard decorations, and inflatable Halloween costumes.

Retail vs. Rental

For those not keen on a long-term investment, renting big-ticket inflatables like bouncy houses, slides, and the like has become a popular choice for some operations (and a viable business model for others). However, for those frequently hosting their own events or promotional campaigns, purchasing your own inflatable products can be more cost-effective over the long term. Renting also does not allow you to customize your inflatable with branded graphics, which can be a missed promotional opportunity.

Inflatables: A World of Options

Inflatables, with their myriad forms, are more than just structures or decorations filled with air. They are a cost-effective way to make an event more fun, and their wide surface area provides an epic opportunity for branding and promotion. They can add vibrancy and value to any situation. For more inflatable options, explore the variety of inflatable products offered by Instent.