inflatable arch starting line

How Commercial Inflatable Arches are Used

As an event planner or host at a booth, it’s important to leave a visual impact on the people you interact with, whether they are potential or returning customers or business partners. This will allow them to internalize the messaging of your brand or event and contribute to your likelihood of succeeding as an organization or company. One such way to stand out visually is by using inflatable arches.

Where Can I Use Inflatable Arches?

When employing the magic of inflatable arches, their uses are endless. Event attendees and customers can be left dazzled at different events, such as:

  • Sporting events and competitions
  • Graduations and other ceremonies
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Malls
  • Dealerships

There are many locations or events that you can elevate by having inflatable arches, including:

Athletic Events

Customizable inflatable arches are commonly used at a plethora of amateur, scholastic, and professional sporting events, ranging from gymnastics to football. Such arches can establish the legitimacy of an event as well as branding goals for a team and its sponsors.


Inflatables for sporting events are commonly used at athletic events such as races. Inflatable race starting line arches serve as demarcation for a memorable welcoming area, where all participants can gather and prepare for the race. Usually, race entryways are colorful and dazzling, with bold patterns or logos for event branding and showcasing event sponsors.

Just as important as starting line arches are inflatable race finish line arches. When the participant is tired out from the race, seeing the large finish line arch can serve as motivation and hope for them, and the vision will be branded in their memory. Both participants and spectators will associate the triumph of the finish line with whatever branding or logos are included on the inflatable arches.  

High School Events

High school athletic events can also be upgraded by using inflatable arches. Commercial-grade inflatable arches can serve as a starting point for the game, through which football, basketball, or other athletes enter the field or the gym. Custom arches with the team’s logo, or even the athletes’ names written on them, can hype up the crowd and amplify the energy and team spirit at a high school sporting event.

Entertainment and Sales

In addition to athletic events, inflatable arches are widely used at entertainment and sales events as a way to indicate an entrance, exit, or focal point. For example, inflatable arches can be used at car dealerships to indicate where the entrance is to the section of the lot with the best promotions or new products. These arches can help customers feel as if they are walking into something special, giving them greater spatial awareness of a store or dealership.

For entertainment events, the use of inflatable arches at concerts, festivals, and carnivals can serve as a welcoming indicator that they have crossed into the event. Inflatable arches can also serve as a memorable way to say goodbye, helping showcase the branding of the event and its important sponsors.

Design Possibilities for Inflatable Arches

Inflatable arches can be commercial- or consumer-grade. Commercial-grade arches are made to last longer and use more durable materials, such as PVC or vinyl. Conversely, consumer-grade arches are designed with materials such as polyester or nylon. For long-term and frequent use, commercial arches tend to be more cost-effective.

Continuous-air arches use a continuous airflow to maintain their structure or shape so that they can stay inflated for days or even weeks on end. Contained-air arches, however, require less energy, as there is no continuous airflow. They stay inflated due to seals in the arch, but they cannot maintain their structures for long periods of time.

Depending on the needs of an organization and the type of event, the shape of inflatable arches can vary as well. The classic curved shape is, of course, an option, in addition to other shapes, such as the square arch, or even custom shapes that can fit the branding of an event or business.

Turn Heads With Custom Inflatable Arches

Overall, inflatable arches can be a powerful tool at any kind of promotional event due to their size, which commands the attention of all who pass by. From far away, custom graphics and bold designs on an inflatable arch can stand out to a consumer, even in a hectic and full trade show or event. Contact Instent today to design your perfect custom inflatable arch solution.