How inflatables are used for holidays

Reasons to Purchase Holiday Yard Inflatable Decorations

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As the holiday season approaches, streets and neighborhoods across the country will transform into spectacular holiday displays. At one moment, spider webs, witches, and goblins will signal the Halloween season and prompt everyone to buy candy for trick-or-treaters. Then, once December begins to roll in, spooky decorations will be replaced with items like an inflatable Santa or a mischievous inflatable Grinch to officially declare that the winter holiday season is here.

As you consider how you might want to decorate your own property this holiday season, the concept of inflatables may have crossed your mind. If you are considering owning such decorations, there are several different reasons why it could be the perfect fit for you.

Versatile Usage

Holiday inflatables are some of the most versatile decorations you can purchase to celebrate the season. They can be used both at home for personal use or in offices to set the scene for business. For example, you could put a giant inflatable Christmas tree at the entrance of an office building to greet employees as they come in for the workday. That same tree could also be used at home to light up in your yard and help the neighborhood feel like a winter wonderland. No matter what space you have dedicated for decorating, there will always be an inflatable that can help bring it to life.

Eye-Catching Appeal

The sheer size and colors alone of holiday inflatables like the inflatable snowman or inflatable reindeer are enough to grab the attention of anyone passing by. This type of visibility makes inflatables a perfect outdoor decoration to make sure that your commitment to the festivities is not unnoticed. It’s an even more beautiful visual experience when multiple homes within a neighborhood participate and put out inflatables. It will certainly attract people from near and far who drive around looking to view dazzling holiday displays.

Reusable and Eco-Friendly

A major incentive for people to invest in holiday inflatables is their reusability. Once the season is over, all one has to do is deflate each piece and store them away until next year. Yes, even the inflatable gingerbread man can simply be brought down to the perfect compact storage size. This not only makes them a one-time investment that can provide value year after year, but it also helps reduce unnecessary holiday waste as people try to find more ways to be more green.

Variety of Themes and Characters

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Halloween, or any other popular holiday, there is certainly an inflatable for every occasion. Some common Christmas inflatables that many look for include classic characters like inflatable Santa and inflatable reindeer to more niche items, such as penguins or an inflatable gingerbread man. Halloween inflatables can also feature some spooky favorites, such as Frankenstein’s monster, witches, mummies, and other favorites that will be sure to run a chill up your spine.

Safe and Kid-Friendly

Parents who want to engage their children in the home-decorating process but worry about their safety will find relief with holiday inflatables. Their soft and cushioned material can reduce the risk of injuries, unlike more traditional decorations, such as ornaments with hooks or Christmas figurines made of glass. Without any hard or sharp edges, kids can enjoy watching an adult add air to the inflatables and help find the perfect spot to display them once they come to life. 


If you have ever been disappointed in how snow or freezing rain has damaged your outdoor decorations, you will be glad to hear that this is less of a concern with inflatables. Most are designed to withstand vigorous weather conditions such as rain, snow, and even sunlight shining down during the day. This ensures that your display will be largely uninterrupted throughout the holiday season. The only thing to note is that heavy wind will require you to either temporarily deflate the items until it has calmed down or be more liberal in how you secure them in your lawn.


These inflatables are not restricted to a single location. You will enjoy the flexibility of moving them around each year or even during one single holiday season. Moving them to a new house or venue is also a breeze, ensuring that you will be able to take the holiday magic with you on the road wherever it is needed.

Take full advantage of holiday decor with inflatables. Your house may just be the eye of the neighborhood. Instent can help you with custom inflatables , including commercial grade holiday-related decor.