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A Consumer Guide for Using Holiday Inflatables

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When the holidays roll around, one can expect every neighborhood to turn into a gorgeous display of festive lights and decorations to celebrate the season. A popular choice of decoration for both Christmas and Halloween is inflatables. These blow-up figurines can make a huge difference between an average display of decorations and something spectacular. Whether you choose an inflatable Santa to wave at children passing by or a spooky Halloween inflatable to give the neighborhood a fright, any inflatable has the power to illuminate the season.

As you consider how you might want to decorate your own property this holiday season, the concept of inflatables may have crossed your mind. If you are considering owning such decorations, there are several different reasons why it could be the perfect fit for you.

Set Up and Securing Down

The process of setting up your inflatable Christmas tree, inflatable gingerbread man, inflatable reindeer, or whatever holiday inflatable you have selected is typically straightforward. Most come with tie-downs and stakes to keep the figurine secure throughout the season. You want to make sure that the inflatable is placed on a flat surface and far away from any sharp objects that could ruin the integrity of the structure. Take time to secure them down properly to ensure that they do not blow away in the wind. Especially during the snowy season, Christmas inflatables are designed to work during the weather conditions but will require someone to brush any snow off after a storm to ensure they operate in peak condition.

Power Usage

The amount of power that an inflatable needs to run in full form depends on its size and the number of lighting elements it was constructed with. Typically, a medium-sized inflatable will use around 150W. A common question asked by consumers before purchasing is if these are expensive to run, like the inflatable Grinch they have been considering. Most people want to keep theirs running at all hours during the night and keep them off during the day. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Knowing how to clean your inflatable investments is an important part of owning these decorations. You want to use mild soap and water to clean off any dirt or stains. Try to avoid using any harsh chemicals, as these could damage the material. If any of your light bulbs have run their course, you will want to either read your manufacturer’s guide or call the company you purchased them from for information on how to change them for your specific inflatable. The longevity of your inflatable will depend on how well you care for them each season, so be sure to keep an eye on their condition every day to ensure that no immediate damage becomes long-term. 


When you’re ready to take down your inflatables at the end of the season, you want to make sure that they are stored away properly. Leaving them somewhere prone to damage can ruin the materials’ integrity and prevent you from being able to use them again in the future. Find a nice, dry place that will keep them away from human activity and mildew. Fold them very carefully and store them away from any direct sunlight or heat. Keeping them out of harsh light will help protect the vibrancy of their color to make sure they look brand new each and every year.

Running Time

Most new inflatable owners want to know how long they should keep them running. It is generally recommended that they run for around 4 to 6 hours per day. Most people choose for these hours to be at night, when the sun has set, so they are more visible and when people are home from work and school. You want to be cautious of running them all day and all night, as it could lead the inflatable to overheat and be damaged. As long as they are running when people are around to bask in their beauty, that is what counts.

If you ever have any questions on how to care for and maintain your inflatable, be sure to reach out to the manufacturer. If you are inspired to add more inflatables to your holiday collection, like an inflatable snowman or penguin, check out what pieces are available today to add to your collection at Instent. Instent provides commercial grade custom replicas, so don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.

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