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Reasons to Rent Holiday, Christmas Inflatable Yard Decorations

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Making the decision to rent holiday inflatable decorations, rather than own them, has become a very popular option over the last few years. These eye-catching displays have become a staple in how homeowners display their holiday spirit, and they range from the inflatable Santa and inflatable Christmas tree to inflatable Halloween decor. Being able to rent these air-filled figures offers a convenient way to make your home the center of attention no matter what holiday is being celebrated.

What Makes Renting Inflatables So Convenient?

There are a ton of different reasons why consumers find renting their inflatable holiday decorations to be convenient. Companies that specialize in this type of service will deliver the inflatables of your choice, such as snowmen, penguins, or even an inflatable gingerbread man directly to your home. This eliminates any concerns one would have about transporting these items from a store to their home or pulling them out year after year from the attic. Having professionals specifically trained to install these figurines removes any fear that they will not be intact throughout the entire season. This allows homeowners to sit back and enjoy some of the holiday season to themselves without worrying about setting up their decorations or if they will remain stable.

The flexibility that renting inflatables provides is another compelling reason why some may not choose to purchase these items directly. Because there are so many different characters and items that can be purchased, being able to rent different ones each year is an attractive concept for the indecisive consumer. Someone who likes variety and wants a unique display of decor each year is well-suited to rent inflatables.

Renting also doesn’t require you to find a place to store these items all year in your home. Once the holiday season is over, the inflatable rental company will come to deflate your decor and bring it back to their own facility. This allows you to enjoy a clutter-free home at all times and not worry about any items you have purchased being damaged throughout the year in storage.

Variety and Choice of Sizes

Some people are under the impression that you need a specific yard size to incorporate an inflatable into your holiday display. This is not true. Because inflatables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, there are options for everybody.

Among the variety of designs for Christmas inflatables, the inflatable reindeer, inflatable Grinch, and inflatable snowman are some of the top fan favorites for Christmas. Halloween inflatables, such as witches, spiders, skeletons, and gravestones, are also highly requested to help make a traditional home look more like a haunted house. Each of these items also come in a range of different sizes. Whether you only have room for one small inflatable, or have a massive yard to fill with 10 or 15 different figures, size is not an excuse to not incorporate these air-filled delights into your holiday decor spread.

Renting vs. Owning Holiday Inflatable Decorations Checklist


  • Consider how much purchasing inflatables to own would cost vs. renting them each year.
  • Check for any potential discounts or promotions.
  • Consider how often you will use these items to help you determine what is most cost-effective.

Storage Space

  • Determine if you have enough storage space in your home to make sure that the inflatables are secured and safe from damage all year.
  • Account for purchasing more items in the future that will also need to fit in your storage space.


  • Decide if you prefer to have someone deliver and set up the items for you every year or if you are willing to take on these tasks yourself.
  • Consider how long it might take you to install the inflatables you want.

Maintenance and Repair

  • Determine if you are willing to perform any repairs to the inflatables yourself if something were to come undone or be damaged.

Renting holiday inflatables can help you decorate for a party or season with ease. With less time to set up and manual labor, you can make a big impact by having a rental company handle the decor and setup.