holiday inflatables

What to know about Holiday Inflatables

Holiday inflatables are more than just air. They are a modern twist on an annual tradition of decorating one’s home to celebrate the season. Over the years, Christmas and Halloween inflatables have become a staple in one’s decor, whether it’s the classic inflatable Santa, the menacing inflatable Grinch, or even just some classic penguins. If you are considering adding these types of lawn decorations to your holiday season, there is a lot to learn before making a purchase.

Life Span

Inflatables are designed for the long haul. They are built to endure all types of climates, especially winter, where you can expect to deal with tons of snow, freezing rain, and windy conditions. With proper care and storage, these decorations can last for many years to come. However, their lifespan largely depends on how well you care for them.  Ignoring any damage to their material or not storing them away safely could risk their longevity and not give off the “brand new decor” feeling the next time you put them up.

Most Popular Inflatables

  • Halloween Inflatables: At the end of October, those who celebrate the season like to turn their property into a haunted house. Inflatables are an excellent way to bring even more spooky vibes to your front lawn. Skeletons, bats, witches, and even tombstones are popular items that can really get the town talking about your Halloween display.
  • Christmas Inflatables: With so many references to Christmas, the amount of characters available for inflatables can seem endless. Aside from Santa and his helpful inflatable reindeer, one could even purchase an inflatable gingerbread man. He won’t cover the town in that warm ginger smell, but he will be sure to leave a smile on everyone’s face who passes by. While most people put up a Christmas tree inside their home, the rise of inflatables has now encouraged people to also set up an inflatable Christmas tree in their yard to bring the dazzling concept outdoors. Coupled with an inflatable snowman, no one will be able to question your holiday spirit.


One aspect that makes inflatables so breathtaking is the incorporation of lights. Most inflatables come with internal LED lights to give them a magical glow, especially when the sun sets. This not only helps to illuminate the figure for all to see, but it can also help Santa find your house on Christmas Eve.

Consumer and Residential Considerations

Take the following into consideration if you plan to own an inflatable:

  • Securing them to the ground: It’s impossible to own an inflatable without taking this step seriously. This keeps them from flying away or facing irreversible damage. Tie them down to the ground using any tie-downs or stakes provided by the manufacturer. It’s best to use more than you would think necessary to be safe. This will keep them on your lawn and upright the entire season, even in windy conditions.
  • Power supply: Inflatables need a continuous source of power while running, so you want to make sure they are near a suitable power source. If you need to use an extension cord to accommodate how you want to display your inflatables, be sure to use one designed for outdoor use to avoid any electrical mishaps.
  • Storage: One underestimated aspect of owning inflatables to keep them in good condition is storing them. Once the season is over, you will want to deflate each piece and wipe it down with a dry towel to absorb all moisture. After folding and putting them in a storage container, you want to find an area of your house that does not get a lot of activity, such as a basement or attic. Keep them in a dry area to avoid mold and out of daylight to preserve their colors.

If you are convinced that a holiday inflatable will give your decorations the extra zest you’re looking for this upcoming season, see what options are available today at Instent.