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How Interactive Inflatables are used by Companies and Organizations

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When creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression at large events, companies have increasingly been turning to interactive inflatables for a solution. These extremely playful and engaging pieces offer a versatile solution to bring kids and adults together. This can provide a ton of opportunities to promote your brand, celebrate a specific occasion, or even to be used as a team-building exercise.

Inflatable Slides and Bounce Houses at Parties

When people think of inflatables, one of the first thoughts that might cross their minds is a birthday party they attended when they were young that had a bounce house. That’s because the bounce house has been a historically popular option among parents looking to bring some fun to their own backyard to celebrate a special occasion. This same type of concept has been implemented at schools across the country, from kindergarten carnivals to welcoming new students on a college campus. Inflatable slides and bounce houses can bring together old friends or complete strangers to bond over a silly, yet impressionable, moment.

Inflatable Movies Screens

If you’re wanting to show a movie at your next gathering, consider renting an inflatable movie screen. These have been a huge hit across the country, giving viewers a unique and communal area to watch a specific movie or promotional video. For example, a school could treat students to an afternoon movie where they go out on the playground and are in awe watching the film from a large, inflated screen. The same concept could be applied to corporate events or trade shows, allowing your video to stand out among others being played on traditional TV monitors.

Obstacle Courses and Inflatable Games

Sports inflatables have gained a ton of popularity for fostering healthy competition and team spirit. The most commonly seen sports inflatable is the classic obstacle course. These installations are quite the sight, as they are often massive in size and height. Often, participants will have to navigate through different obstacles, tunnels, jumps, slides, and even a climbing wall to fully complete the course. It provides a fun and challenging opportunity for people to stay active while having fun with their family, friends, or colleagues. Other popular inflatable games are inflatable mazes, human-sized hamster balls, and even iconic sumo wrestling arenas.

Inflatable Costumes and Tubes

If your company is looking to make a daring and creative splash at your next event, consider inflatable costumes. These can serve as walking billboards, drawing attention and creating a memorable impression of your brand for anyone who sees it. Some examples include inflatable jewelry, headpieces, or even company mascots.

Another popular option is inflatable tubes. These are often found at music festivals and other outdoor concerts where patrons can wave the tube along to the music. These are fantastic promotional items, as everyone at a large outdoor music gathering will take notice of the messaging on the tube while they enjoy the event.

Seasonal Celebrations

Interactive inflatables can also be a great addition to your next holiday celebration. Whether you want to add a Halloween haunted house to a late October event or create a winter wonderland for Christmas, there are a ton of different inflatables to choose from. People will appreciate seeing household favorite characters like Santa, the Grinch, and an inflatable gingerbread man. However, just because these are holiday-themed doesn’t mean that you have to ditch your ability to promote your brand. In fact, these holiday inflatables can double as custom marketing tools by having your brand or logo on the design. 

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

The goal at any trade show is to attract booth traffic away from your competitors and over to your station. Incorporating booth inflatables can be the secret to standing out in a sea of corporations with similar solutions to your own. Create custom-designed inflatable tubes or costume items that attendees can carry around and remember you by. You could also include an inflatable game as an opportunity to interact more directly with your brand rather than just taking a sales brochure. 

Charity Events and Fundraisers

Organizations looking to raise money for a good cause can incorporate inflatables into their event to create a more vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere. Interactive inflatables can serve as a major draw for attendees to increase their attention and participation in your event. The more fun and memorable an event, the more likely an individual might extend their generosity and donate money toward the charity or fundraiser. This could dramatically impact the overall success of your event. 


The scenarios mentioned above are just some of the endless ways one could incorporate interactive inflatables into their company event. Learn more about different inflatables at Instent and see how they can help your upcoming event be an ever larger success.