Inflatable Costumes

No matter your age, dressing up in costumes is a popular activity. Whether it is Halloween, a themed event, or just a fun get-together with friends, adding costumes to the mix can make things more interesting. If you want to wear a unique costume, an inflatable costume may be the right choice. Costume inflatables are easy to wear, come in a wide variety of options, and are very different from more traditional costumes.

Inflatable costumes can be blown up by a battery-powered blower. When fully inflated, these costumes can grow to an impressive nine to ten feet tall. They are designed for portability and versatility. In addition to personal costuming, they can also be used as props for a variety of events. When the occasion calls for a unique, conversation-starting costume, costume inflatables are a popular choice.

For Kids and Adults

There is no age restriction when it comes to the enjoyment of rocking an inflatable costume. These costumes are made for both kids and adults who want to dress as their favorite animal, superhero, cartoon character, and everything in between. Odds are you’ve seen some of the most popular costumes before, including the T-Rex and the Unicorn. These costumes are also notorious for tricks of the eye, available in designs that look like a person riding an animal or even an alien abducting the costume wearer. 


Inflatable costumes are often marketed as a one-size-fits-most sizing. Most costumes will use height as a means to measure the potential wearing capabilities of a costume. For children, most outfits can accommodate a height range of 3 to 4 ft, while adult costumes usually range from 5 to 6 ft. Like most other costumes you can rent or purchase, it is always beneficial to see if you can try it on first. Blow-up costumes come in a variety of designs, allowing some to be more accommodating to a variety of sizes than others.

Are Inflatable Costumes Comfortable?

Yes! These costumes are designed for comfort. One of the biggest problems with traditional costuming is how heavy and restricting the costumes can feel. Usually, the fabric lacks breathability, which can result in long hours of discomfort. Inflatable costumes, on the other hand, are made with breathable material that won’t weigh you down and can keep you cool throughout the span of long events.

How to Inflate

Most inflatable costumes are easy to put on and inflate. Once you are familiar with the way the costume works, you should be able to get it on and off in mere minutes. This is another perk for someone who doesn’t have a large amount of preparation time for their costume or will be traveling to multiple locations. Blow-up costumes come with a small fan or blower that is attached to a battery pack. These battery packs often take 4-6 batteries. Once turned on, the fan will circulate air throughout the costume, keeping it inflated. Most battery packs can provide at least four hours of ongoing fun.

Applicable to Any Occasion

Inflatable costumes can be used for much more than just Halloween. There are numerous occasions that you could wear a costume to. These occasions include:

  • Themed parties – Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or anything in between, a themed party is always a sure way to have a blast with friends and family. With the various options on the market, inflatable costumes are perfect for any theme.
  • Bachelor or bachelorette parties – When you are looking to celebrate your upcoming big day, nothing states “I’m here to have fun,” like costume inflatables. You can choose to have a theme or have your wedding party choose their own outfits.
  • Children’s reading time – Children love to get lost in a thrilling story. Instead of just reading a story about a knight and dragon, dress up as the knight or dragon. These outfits can create an entirely new experience for storytime.
  • Cosplay conventions – Cosplay events can be a blast, but it can get hot and uncomfortable after hours of being inside a building with thousands of others. Blow-up costumes are a lighter option.
  • Company, school, or business mascot – Mascot outfits are notoriously heavy and uncomfortable. An inflatable costume is lightweight and can be quickly put on or removed as needed.
  • Pranks – These costumes are ideal for prank situations. Whether you are trying to prank your kids, family, or friends, they can be put on at a moment’s notice, leaving your target surprised.

The list of possible events could go on and on. These costumes can even serve as a way to market a business or organization that stands out from other methods of advertising. When you want a more memorable costume experience, an inflatable costume could be the right choice.

Give Inflatable Costumes a Try

Inflatable costumes are easy to wear, come in endless options, and are designed to be breathable and comfortable. These costumes are adaptable to a wide variety of events, ensuring you’ll always be ready to have fun.