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Inflatable Tubes for the Water

Summer and fun in the sun go hand in hand. This fun often involves as much time in the water as possible. Whether you enjoy a poolside get-together, a day at the beach, or a float down the river, inflatable tubes, rafts, and swimming floats are options chosen by many. Inflatable tubes come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so there are many tubes to choose from.

Inflatable Tubes for Water

Inflatable tubes can easily increase your time spent in the water. These tubes are easy to get in and out of, allowing you to control your level of effort when in the water. You can float casually for hours or take occasional, refreshing dips as desired. These tubes come in a variety of styles, from traditional donut rings to full-blown extravagant shapes such as unicorns or full-body rafts. They also come with accessory options, such as easy-to-grip areas, cup holders, inflatable pillows, and lounger add-ons.

Inflatable tubes also come with single, double, or multiple seating options. Whether you want to casually float by yourself or with three of your closest friends, there’s a tube for you. Multi-person tubes are ideal for days spent floating down a river or with the gentle waves of a lake. These options are especially nice for parents who aren’t ready to let their young ones float on their own.

Family-Friendly Activities

Inflatable tubes can be a beneficial accessory for children and adults alike. Tubes come in a variety of sizes, accommodating small children to large adults as needed. When properly inflated, tubes can be a trustworthy apparatus for water fun, though they should never go unsupervised with young children. Water tubes can be a great addition for various organizations as well, such as childcare centers that can repurpose them for a variety of kid-centered activities.

Water Games and Sports

Inflatable tubes are designed for more than just floating across the water’s surface. Certain tubes are designed with towable capabilities. Going tubing is a well-loved pastime by anyone able to spend time on the water with a boat. Children and adults alike love the thrill of bouncing along the water’s surface on a tube. If you are interested in towable inflatable tubes, it is beneficial to look at commercial-grade options that are better intended for high-demand use.

In addition to towable capabilities, tubes can provide hours of entertainment through water-friendly games. You can find inflatables that lie flat and double as a raft and pong table. You can also find tubes that are designed for games involving balls or frisbees. With the inclusion of interactive inflatables, you can spend hours in the sun without any sign of boredom.

Retail or Commercial Level

When it comes to purchasing your own inflatables, you’ll likely choose between those designed for casual retail and those designed for a higher commercial level. The major difference between these choices is the materials used in their design. Retail inflatables are often more affordable but are not designed for significant wear and tear. Commercial-level tubes, on the other hand, are made with high-quality material that is durable and long-lasting.

Inflatable Tubes: Your Summer Accessory

If you enjoy casual time on the water, you’ll likely enjoy inflatable tubes. These tubes are available in a variety of styles and designs and can be customized to fit the needs of any occasion. Water tubes are great for families looking for an easy way to transport accessories or for a company or organization holding water-friendly events. Browse Instent’s products for other inflatables for summer fun.