Inflatable Buildings Have Versatile Commercial Uses

Inflatable Buildings have Versatile Commercial Uses

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Inflatable buildings have made quite the name for themselves in the commercial sector over the last few years. These versatile structures have surpassed their more conventional use in children’s events, offering different ways for professional companies to display their brand and engage with customers at different promotional events. Understanding how to leverage inflatable buildings commercially can lead to significant brand awareness and engagement for your company in the future.


How to Use Inflatable Buildings at Marketing Events

It can be difficult to stand out at a marketing event in a competitive industry where everyone is trying to catch the attention of the same buyers. Leveraging inflatable buildings can be a new tactic to stand out at events and create a more memorable experience for your prospects. Some applications include:

  • Product Showcases: If your company offers tangible products, displaying them in an inflatable structure can create a more exclusive and immersive experience. Allow them to experience your innovation within an innovative environment.


  • Branded Lounges: Sometimes, event-goers appreciate having a space to sit and recharge or network with other like-minded people. Providing this experience in an inflatable building that is branded with your messaging can leave a favorable impression in people’s minds.


  • Pop-Up Shops: If you are looking to have a mobile retail space, inflatable structures are an easy solution to transport your business wherever it needs to go. It allows you to show up exactly where your customers are and provide an exciting “pod” for them to shop in. The best part is that, when the customers leave the venue, you can, too.


  • Interactive Workshops: Hosting a workshop is already an engaging activity for attendees to have a more humanized experience with your brand. Creating that immersive experience within an inflatable unit can make that even more exciting. Providing a fun and unique space to learn in can boost attendees’ engagement in your workshop and serve as a memorable experience when they report back to their company after the event.


  • VIP Area: If you are looking to make a certain segment of attendees feel special and worthy of elevated treatment, creating an inflatable VIP area can be a great option. This can give only certain people access to privileged products or information while also spoiling them with access to refreshments and comfortable seating.


  • Virtual Reality Station: Using VR to communicate a brand’s message or allow potential customers to engage with your product has become a popular commercial trend. These types of experiences are showing up at different trade shows across the country, largely driven by the reported positive experiences attendees have had with the technology. Because a dedicated space is typically needed to provide this experience, an inflatable structure can make for an even more interesting virtual reality station.


  • Inflatable Tunnels: No one ever said inflatable tunnels were just for kids. Having an inflatable tunnel at your next commercial event could tap into the competitive spirit of teams who work at the companies you are trying to earn business from. Engage them in the experience of running through an inflatable tunnel, and grab them afterward for discussions about your business.

The Benefits of Inflatable Buildings

There are a ton of different benefits that an inflatable building can provide for commercial use. Some of the most commonly cited benefits include:

  • Easy to Transport: Inflatable buildings are lightweight and compact in nature when deflated. This makes them really easy to transport from event to event.
  • Customizable: From different sizes to creative designs, inflatable structures start as a blank canvas and can be customized to meet every detail of your brand’s requirements.
  • Flexible: Because the amount of space you have at various events can differ, inflatable buildings are an excellent option to provide added flexibility. They can be adapted to multiple configurations and applications to support diverse commercial uses.
  • Quick Manufacturing: Inflatable buildings are manufactured much faster than other traditional event properties. This is of huge benefit to companies who may have signed up for an event at the last minute or need a new piece in a short period of time.
  • Cost-Effective: Permanent event fixtures are expensive and force you to repurchase one again in the future when you want to host something in a new location. Being able to inflate a structure and take it down to move to another space is a compelling reason to make a good investment into inflatables.

Inflatable buildings can make a big impact at your party or event. These buildings offer functionality, and an opportunity to better market products in a unique way.