Setting up and Using Inflatable Buildings, Structures and Tunnels

Setting Up and Using Inflatable Buildings, Structures and Tunnels

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In today’s evolving event space, different types of structures continue to emerge that can help create memorable impressions. Inflatable buildings, structures, and tunnels are popular examples that can be more versatile and cost-effective compared to other traditional choices. These unique alternatives can spice up your presence and create a buzz for your brand. Knowing how to set up these inflatable marvels can help ensure that your next event has the display and protection it needs to get noticed.

Materials and Construction

Selecting the right material is the first step to choosing an inflatable structure that meets your needs. Two of the most popular materials are PVC-coated vinyl and nylon. PVC-coated vinyl is known for durability, allowing it to withstand many unpredictable outdoor elements. However, nylon is lightweight and offers more flexibility. This can be advantageous for inflatable tunnels or smaller structures.

Inflation Process

Inflating these structures is one of the most important steps. The process involves pumping air into the airtight envelope until it expands into its intended shape. The length of time it takes will vary based on the size of the structure, but today’s technology allows for even the most gigantic inflatable buildings to be set up in a short period of time.

Air-Supported Buildings vs. Inflatable Buildings

Understanding the difference between air-supported buildings and traditional inflatable buildings can help you determine what would make the most sense for your event. Air-supported buildings require a constant flow of air to keep the structure up and running. This could be suitable for any temporary installation needs, like a sports area, where it’s only needed for one event. Inflatable buildings are sealed units that only need to be inflated once. These are preferred for longer events or those where it may have to be moved quickly in the middle of an event without needing to be deflated.

How to Use Inflatable Structures and Tunnels

Once your inflatable structure or tunnel is set up, there are a ton of different ways it can be utilized.

Inflatable Structures:

  • Food Festivals and Farmers Markets: Inflatable structures can be set up as individual stalls or perhaps even a dining area at your local food festival or farmers market. It can offer an inviting and spacious area to sell your food or give customers a place to enjoy your products.
  • Weddings: It’s easy to transform an elegant space, like a wedding venue, with an inflatable building. These can be used for photo booths to capture meaningful moments or even at a reception to offer a space where food and drinks are served.
  • Medical Testing/Screening Events: Events where blood is drawn or health screens occur can be an intimidating experience for some attendees. Hosting your medical services within an inflatable structure can soften the experience of a traditionally unexciting environment.

Inflatable Tunnels:

  • Sporting Events: An inflatable tunnel can create a dramatic entrance for athletes to enhance the atmosphere and excitement of a big game. They can also connect different outdoor areas of the venue to protect patrons from any poor weather conditions.
  • School Events: Children love to run through inflatable tunnels, especially children within the age range that still play outdoors for recess. Leverage an inflatable tunnel to enhance a learning event or unique education environment for students.
  • Carnivals: Carnivals are meant to be fun! Children need a space to burn off energy from all the delicious carnival food. An inflatable tunnel can provide an exciting obstacle course to run through and keep them engaged in the event.

At Instent, you can learn more about how an inflatable structure or tunnel could make your next event a hit. Inflatable structures offer a unique opportunity to market your brand at many different types of events. Add a touch of style and fun to your event with these inflatable structures.