The Power of Using Color for Visual Marketing

Your visual marketing message uses many elements to create a favorable impression in the eyes of your target audience. Color plays a particularly critical role in the emotional connection a prospective customer feels when they look at your trade show displays or browse through other marketing assets. Shortstack found color influences brand awareness, purchase decisions and whether a consumer understands your marketing message.

Examples of Color Psychology in Visual Marketing

You have many color options for your custom tent and all your promotional displays, so how do you choose the right ones? Start with your overall business goals. What result do you look for after interacting with your audience? Keep this information in mind as you look through these visual marketing examples revealing some of the meanings behind each color. Pick the options that match your business goals to get color psychology to work for you.


Bring excitement into your audience’s life with bright red hues. You make a powerful first impression by conveying a daring, aggressive and modern style. Passion and romance are other common meanings for this color.


Want to cheer up event attendees as soon as they see your pop up tent? Go with yellow. This color is commonly associated with happiness and good cheer. It’s an inspiring shade that puts out the welcome mat for potential clients and greets them warmly at the door. Yellow also motivates people to get up and move, which makes it a popular choice for fitness and wellness companies.


Need prospective clients to get the impression that your company is honest, sincere and trustworthy? Put blue into play for your custom pop-up tent. In addition to these attributes, you also create a calming environment with this hue. Consider using blue when you’re nurturing your future customers and building up their trust levels.


Green brings to mind calming walks in nature, so if you really want an inviting booth you can add this to blue. Good health, growth and monetary gain are additional impressions created by this color.


Purple was one of the hardest colors to make in medieval times, so it became associated with royalty. The modern day meanings draw from these roots. When you put this color into play, you add a feminine touch with chic, high-class and sophisticated elements.


You start with a serious and professional impression when you incorporate black into your branding. It also provides a natural contrast with any other colors you use in your marketing assets, so use it as an accent to elevate every color on your custom tent.

Using Color for the Power of Attraction

You draw in prospective customers subconsciously when you use color psychology to enforce the power of attraction. Choose colors designed to resonate with your target audience, convey your brand’s positioning and encourage them to spend time at your display. For example, bright color combinations work for fun and upbeat brands, while a bold black and blue combination suits professional service firms.

Setting the Right Mood With Color

Once you attract your target audience to your booth, continue using color to set the mood. Your custom tent wall panels, product packaging, marketing collateral and custom table covers give you additional opportunities to use color psychology for your benefit. Red gives your customers a sense of urgency, which helps you sell products at your booth. If you want more customers to talk to your staff and learn more about your services, blue tones create a receptive mood.

Color psychology goes beyond making your branding and design look good. When you manipulate different color combinations on your custom tents, you bring more customers to your booth and encourage them to contribute to your business goals. Always remember to present the same level of brand consistency in order to avoid confusion amongst your audience and stay aligned with your business strategy

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