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Using Canopy Tents is a Must for Your Next Outdoor Event

Your marketing campaigns take you into many environments, from festivals to trade shows. Creating an exhibit for these events requires you to consider everything from the size of the space to the natural elements of the outdoors. A high-quality custom canopy tent gives you a valuable tool for your outdoor display. Once you first use it, you’ll never go back! You’ll put it on your packing list for every outdoor marketing event. Here are the five main advantages to using a pop up tent at every event.


You have enough to worry about when you’re setting up for a show. The van is loaded down with everything from tables to marketing materials; your staff is working furiously to get the booth put together in time for opening, and you’re busy fielding last minute tasks. A pop up tent is compact and portable, fitting into many types of vehicles for easy transport. You can store it in your hotel room without a problem, making it perfect to go from one event to the next. Once you arrive, you can quickly assemble the tent and get started with setting up your displays before the attendees arrive.

Brand Visibility

Your competition is doing everything they can to maximize their presence at outdoor events. You need a way to step up your brand visibility and make an impression on your potential customers. Many tents come in neutral colors, such as white, gray and black; they blend together in an indistinguishable sea and force attendees to get close to the booth to figure out which company runs it.

A custom printed tent leaves no room for ambiguity. Your company logos, colors, and name have clear visibility across far distances. People seeing your setup may not be familiar with your business at first, but they’re going to have a natural curiosity about what you have to offer. An eye-catching tent with your brand clearly visible is the first impression attendees will have of your company, and you’ll leave them with a favorable impression.

On-Location Home Base

Outdoor events place your team in unfamiliar locations, which adds operational difficulties to your festival-day to do list. Staff members run all over the event for their tasks, and models mingle with the crowd to build up your booth traffic and talk about your products. A canopy tent gives you an official gathering place for your team so they don’t waste time searching for you or a manager. You’ll find this feature particularly useful at new venues unfamiliar to your company; you can tell employees to look for your branded tent, rather than searching for specific spaces or following a confusing map. Productivity goes up when your team knows exactly where to go for load-in, load-out and event duties.

Easy Access Outdoor Shop

Are you using this outdoor marketing opportunity to sell products? A pop up tent gives you the perfect foundation for an outdoor shop. Adding it to your booth area creates a store-like feeling, especially if you arrange your tables in specific ways to permit easy access by potential customers. An L-shaped configuration helps you create this effect, for example. You also have greater control over product lighting under the tent, allowing you to emphasize your best sellers.

You gain plenty of wall and ceiling space for hanging displays, grid wall mounting and other places to put marketing material and products. The custom printed canopy may add an upfront cost to your outdoor event plans, but the money you save by expanding vertically rather than buying additional booth space is significant.

Protection from the Elements

Inclement weather likes to stop by at the worst times, such as at your biggest outdoor marketing event of the year. Scientists haven’t figured out a way to control the climate on a large scale, but a pop up tent helps you prepare for any situation. Unrelenting sun, pounding rain and snow can’t keep you from a successful venture. A shaded area brings substantial relief from the heat, especially if you mount fans inside your booth. Your team can’t work as hard as possible if they’re exposed to the elements all day long, so the tent gives them a break when they need it the most. Attendees also appreciate a protected area and may linger during the worst parts of the storm, providing you with additional opportunities to build brand awareness or sell products.

Ruined inventory and canceled shows have a significant financial impact on your business. A tent keeps your products safe from most weather related damage. And if you have the misfortune of being caught in a massive storm, it buys you enough time to pack everything up and get it under cover. Side walls/panels help you address high winds that bring rain under your canopy (to know more about weather proofing your booth click here).


You put a lot of effort into coordinating your marketing campaigns, particularly for something as logistically complicated as an outdoor event. A canopy tent helps you get the most out of your resource investment, whether you want to build brand awareness or sell products from your booth. The benefits it brings to the table deliver an impressive return on investment from your first event to your last.


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