Inflatables Essential Guide: Inflatable Basics

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For those considering purchasing an inflatable, we will cover essential information to help you make informed choices. Explore the world of commercial and consumer inflatables, delving into their distinct features and applications. Discover various types of inflatables, and gain insights into their diverse uses in both personal and professional settings. Dive into inflatable materials to understand durability and maintenance requirements. Learn how to properly store and care for your inflatables to extend their lifespan. Additionally, explore key considerations when using inflatables, and understand how to secure your inflatable during use. And we’ll discuss some benefits of using inflatables for various events.

Introduction to Inflatables  

What are inflatables? Commercial vs. Consumer  Inflatables and benefits of inflatables

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Types of Inflatables 

Inflatable arches, buildings and other structures. Inflatable replicas, costumes, inflatable animals and characters. Retail and rental inflatables

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How Inflatables are Used

Renting or purchasing inflatables.  Inflatables games, interactive inflatables, holiday and event decoration inflatables.  Temporary inflatable structures, inflatables for advertising and businesses. 

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Inflatables Material, Storage, and Care 

Types of inflatables material, storing inflatables. What can cause inflatable materials to fade? Caring for inflatables to increase their lifespan.

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Considerations for Using Inflatables  

Filling inflatables, sealed and continuous air inflatables. Tips for using and setting up an inflatable and also making an inflatable stand out and get attention. 

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How to Secure Your Inflatable  

What to consider when securing your inflatable: weather, type of event, the location, the type of inflatable, the surface. What can be used for securing inflatables.

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Using Inflatables for Events

Custom inflatables for company events and celebrations and why they are useful. Using rental and interactive interactive inflatables for events.

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